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getting ready ideas for bridal party on wedding day

Champagne Toast with Your Bridesmaids Getting Ready Photo Ideas, Part 1

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As your big day draws closer, you may be starting to focus on the fine details of your wedding. As a wedding photographer, aside from capturing the magic, romance, and love between a new married couple, my job and goal is to make sure my clients have a flawless and wonderful experience from start to finish. Part of accomplishing this is incorporating unique wedding day photo ideas. In order to help with this, over the next several weeks, I will introduce a new photo idea from my list of favorites for this new blog series, Getting Ready Photo Ideas!  First on my list of wedding day photo ideas is a champagne toast with your bridesmaids. Who doesn’t want champagne to kick off a wedding day?!

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Cheers! Champagne Toast with the Ladies

Capturing the girls getting ready for the wedding is always a fun time! It’s filled with laughter, inside jokes, tears, and so much love.  For some memorable photos of you and your bride tribe, pop some champagne! Nothing says celebration quite like champagne! Adding in a champagne toast with the girls is a great way to have a few extra laughs, exchange some heartfelt words, cheers, and send off the bride on her next chapter in life.  Not to mention it calms the nerves a bit… There’s no right or wrong way to have your toast. Inside, outside, matching pjs or robes. Have fun with it – that’s the whole point! 

Christine and her bridesmaids shared a glass of champagne and a toast outside on the lawn in their matching outfits!  They had a lot of laughs and they didn’t have to worry about spills as they popped the bottle and toasted the bride! 

getting ready ideas for bridal party on wedding daygetting ready ideas for bridal party on wedding day

Liz and her ladies popped champagne right outside their bridal suite. I love these candid moments!

Trish and her bridal party gathered on the large bed and shared some laughs as she popped the bottle of champagne! I always love this shot. It is so fun to watch the laughs and reactions of the cork flying off and trying to figure out where it went! Matching outfits made the whole toast even better for these ladies and the man of honor, too.

bride toasts champagne with bridesmaids bride pops cork during champagne toast on wedding morning

champagne toast with your bridesmaids before wedding

Here are some of my favorite Champagne toast necessities!

Indoors or outdoors, champagne toasts are a fun way to kick off your wedding morning. While a champagne toast with your bridesmaids is just plain fun for everyone involved, they’re also one more chance to celebrate being a bride and the start of your wedding day! Cheers! 

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