First Look with Bridesmaids | Getting Ready Photo Ideas for Wedding Day
First look with bride and bridesmaids at Ashford Estate

First Look With Bridesmaids Getting Ready Photo Ideas, Part 7

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I am so excited to share Part 7 of my Getting Ready Photo Ideas blog series. Number seven on my list is having a first look with your bridesmaids. And, it’s is truly one of my favorites!  Seeing best friends, sisters, cousins, and the ladies in your life laugh together as they get ready in their matching robes, toasting as they send their friend off to be married has always been one of my favorite wedding day moments. Capturing a first look with bridesmaids is an incredible way to memorialize the moment and capture some truly amazing candid photos! 

First Look with Bridesmaids: Getting Ready Photo Ideas for Wedding Day shared by New Jersey wedding photographer Idalia Photographyfirst look with bridesmaids for bride on NJ wedding day

First Look With Bridesmaids on Your Wedding Day

I love when brides decide to incorporate a first look with their ladies! Your bride tribe will love being able to see you in your wedding gown and accessories for the first time. Plus, it’s fun to have a little surprise from them! As your photographers, we will help organize the big reveal, which always provides a few amazing reactions. You can expect lots of gasps and squeals, and maybe even a few happy tears, as you make your grand entrance. 

Your first look can be done inside or outside, depending on where you are getting ready. The most important factor is ensuring you have a separate space to get ready! Incorporating a bridesmaid first look is also a fantastic way to get out some of the last minute jitters before walking down the aisle. Putting on your wedding dress and finalizing all the little details usually brings some nervous energy. It’s normal! You’re beginning to process that this is finally HAPPENING. Your girls will laugh and cry with you upon seeing you for the first time and it can be a great moment to just breathe. 

What to Wear for Your First Look

Your bridesmaids can be fully ready in their bridesmaids dresses or be dressed down in their own getting ready attire. I love when a bridal party wears matching robes as they get ready together. Both looks, matching robes or wedding attire, look beautiful in photos! This comes down to personal preference, the space in which your photos will take place, and the timing of hair/makeup schedule. If you’re looking for matching robes for your ladies still, I’ve got some beautiful options! I found these Matching Floral robes in a variety of designs on Amazon. But, if you don’t want a design, there are solid color Satin Robes that can be personalized for the ladies!

One thing is certain, doing a first look with your bridesmaids will be a memory that you will share with your girls forever. I hope you do one! 

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First look with bride and bridesmaids at Ashford Estate

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