My childhood wasn’t marked by annual family Christmas card photos, and I didn’t spend my teen years flipping through my parents’ wedding album. When I left for college, I didn’t take a box full of photo frames with me to decorate my dorm. Photography just wasn’t our thing. Then, my mom got sick. And my whole world changed.


Preparing to say a final goodbye to the most important person in your life at just 25 makes you see moments differently. You spend good times wishing they would linger and tough times wishing you could slip back to golden summer days on the water, laughing with loved ones. So, when I packed my bags for a month-long trip to Italy in 2002, I swore to myself I’d do things differently—I’d turn the rest of my life into art. 

During that month, I found my passion. Traveling the world with a camera in hand was an experience unlike any other. So, it became an annual tradition! Every year during my summer break from teaching, I took thrilling trips abroad, often spending up to two months adventuring! And I filled albums upon albums with memories as my love (and talent) for photography grew. In 2011, nearly a decade after that life-changing trip, I photographed my first official portrait session for a client, and in 2012 I made it official by launching my very own photography business named after my mother, Mirna Idalia.

When I married my husband later that same year, my passion became a calling. As our wedding photographer preserved the best day of my life in a way no one did for my mom, I realized what a priceless gift a perfectly documented wedding day can be. I felt irresistibly tugged to use my talent behind the camera to give other couples this gift, too!

With a vibrant imagination and a drive to help others as all-consuming as the main character in my favorite movie Amélie, I soon established Idalia Photography as a go-to wedding brand in the tri-state area. But never one to settle, I continue to learn and grow. As I traveled the world, I gathered inspiration from the nearly 40 countries I visited along the way. I admired the timeless architecture of Europe, the sparkling vitality of South America, and the vibrant colors of Asia. And with each trip, I refined my photography style, bringing new perspectives and flavors into my work. 

Today, my ever-growing team and I deliver an unparalleled wedding photography experience, preserving their memories while relieving them of stress from the moment they book. With hundreds of weddings in our portfolio, we’ve creatively overcome just about every hurdle imaginable while consistently delivering the extraordinary. But no matter how many love stories we hear, every celebration feels like a new adventure! And now, we can’t wait to hear yours!


I offer a personalized approach to creating images that are focused on three things: details, portraits, and moments. I tell the story of a wedding day through the beautiful and unique details you spend hours selecting, romantic portraits for the walls of your home and your first family heirloom, and authentic captures of the moments that matter most to you. Whether those moments happen while you're getting ready with your maid of honor, through stolen glances at your ceremony, or during that memorable dance party you're planning, I thrive on capturing it all beautifully and naturally so that you can re-live your day over and over again.

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When I’m not documenting beautiful love stories, I find my purpose through being a wife to Jay and mother to Olivia. We live in Howell, in the house that I grew up in, and every day we love to take a pause from our busy lives, chat about life, and wonder at Livie’s latest milestones! 

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I don’t take anything for granted. Ever since losing my mother I have learned to be grateful for everything I have. There are endless things I am thankful for on a daily basis and I feel so fortunate to be where I am in this season of life. Whether it's getting to spend quality time with my family or getting to meet a new couple so I can continue to do what I love, I am so thankful for the path life has led me on.

I believe there's no better way to really get to know someone than by traveling with them! I fell in love with my husband while traveling 1,800 miles during a 5 day road trip and decided he was the one during a 6 week backpacking trip.


I purchased my first professional camera to document my month long stay in Florence and fell in love with both photography and Italy.


I met my husband and we went on our first two trips together: a road trip through the Southwest and a backpacking trip through Central America and Mexico. It was on these trips that we fell in love and knew we had found a life partner.


I got engaged! I loved being engaged and fully enjoyed our long engagement of 23 months.


I shot my first wedding and fell in love with wedding photography. I shot a total of four weddings that year and launched my blog.


I got married! For our honeymoon, we went on an 8 week trip through 12 countries in the Western Balkans. And we still loved each other afterwards!


I went from shooting 15 weddings the year before to having the honor of capturing 33 weddings in one year! This is the year when our business really took off. 


After teaching high school for 14 years, I left my teaching job and became a full-time photographer. I haven't looked back!


I officially started coaching other photographers and creative entrepreneurs and launched my first workshop, too!


We officially launched our associate program to be able to serve more couples who fall in love with our photography style.


Jay and I welcomed a sweet baby girl into our family. Olivia Claire was born in February and we are so in love with her! 



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I have a wonderful team behind me who helps me serve our clients and give them an unforgettable experience. Get to know them below!


Husband, father, educator, photo editor, photographer


Jay’s role is as photo editor, ensuring that all of our images are edited in our signature style.

Fun fact: He loves Trivia and is a former Jeopardy! Champ. We used his winnings to pay for our dream wedding in Italy. 


Wife, mother, PHOTOGRAPHER


Marianne has been a photographer since the year 2000 and started shooting with me in 2016. To date, she has shot over 300 weddings and is a senior associate photographer. 

Marianne is joyful and a pleasure to be around. She's a wife and mother to two children - a boy and a girl! Marianne lives at the shore and always enjoys a good sunset with her family.


Wife, mother, PHOTOGRAPHER


Jocelyn started shooting with me in 2017 and has been a wonderful addition to my team as an associate photographer! Just like the rest of us, she has a warm personality and cares deeply about our clients.

Jocelyn lives in South Jersey and enjoys spending time with her husband, adorable son, and furbaby named Jedi, a precious goldendoodle




Amber is a warm and kind-hearted photographer who loves to seek out the intimate moments of your special day. She makes a point to bring her best work to the table at every moment, whether that’s your first look, your family’s smiles, or your unique traditions.

When Amber isn’t playing paparazzi to the bride of the day, you can find her snapping pics of her baked goods and tasty meals. 


Wife, mother, PHOTOGRAPHER


Catarina became part of the Idalia Team in 2021 and is truly passionate about what she does. She always has a smile on her face and does everything she can to make sure you’re feeling comfortable and confident throughout the entire day. 

When she's not shooting, she's off chasing after her two toddler girls and spending time with her hubby!

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Right from the start, we knew that selecting Alex as our photographer was the best decision we made in our wedding planning process. Her responses were always very prompt, and she was exceptionally organized and detail-oriented. 


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