5 Reasons to Invest in a Wedding Album at Booking Time


You’ve likely spent, or are in the process of spending, a lot of time researching photographers in order to choose one to capture your wedding day. I imagine you’ve also budgeted a good portion of your wedding budget to photography. After all, the photos, and maybe a video, are the one thing that remains to tell the story of your wedding day long after the day is over. During your engagement, you’ll imagine what your wedding photos will look like, and when the big day finally arrives, you’ll take time out of your big day to capture photos, and you’ll anxiously await the moment when you get to see how they all turned out. When you get your photos, you won’t be able to stop looking at them, you’ll show them off and share them to social media. But what will you do with them next? Hopefully you’ll create beautiful artwork for your home but my #1 priority for our couples is that they walk away with their first official family heirloom, which is why all of our collections include a wedding album. Read on to see my top 5 reasons for including an album at booking time.

Family looking at wedding albumYou’ll save money!

Including an album in your initial wedding collection will ensure the best price, as all albums are discounted in collections. If you aren’t sure about the size you want your album to be, rest assured you can always upgrade or add on pages during your Reveal and Ordering appointment after the wedding.

You’ll ensure actually having a wedding album.

Back when I first got started as a photographer and used to offer collections without albums, most couples who booked me without an album never get around to actually making a wedding album. Things will get busy, you’ll buy a house, you’ll travel, you’ll have kids. All of life’s journey creates expenses and a wedding album rarely makes it to the top of the list once you’re married, but by ensuring that you have a wedding album in your collection, I’m ensuring you’ll have this treasured heirloom within the first few months of your marriage.

Professional wedding albums aren’t available to consumers.

You’re investing in high-quality photography so I want you to have a high-quality wedding album. The albums we offer as wedding photographers are incomparable to any album or photo book you could create or purchase on your own. By ordering your album through me, you’ll have access to a product that isn’t available to consumers. My album company only sells albums to professional photographers and I assure you that the quality is unmatched!

Your album will be unique to you, and my team and I do all the hard work of designing it.

All of our albums are custom-designed by a professional design specialist and presented to you for customizations during our Reveal and Ordering Appointment. You’ve likely never designed a wedding album before, so being able to sit down over a video call with our in-house design team is extremely helpful in ensuring your wedding album will be perfect and custom to you. During the design session, you’ll be able to share your input and see the design updates right then and there, as our design specialist makes your requested revisions over the video call. Not sure how to incorporate your favorite images to tell the story of the day cohesively? No worries, that’s exactly what the designer is there for!

Your wedding album will be made to last and it’ll be unique to you.

The quality of my albums will stand the test of time. I want you to be able to pass it on to future generations without pages falling out! You can be sure that I only invest in high-quality albums, and you’ll be able to customize the cover to your liking. You’ll choose between various colors and you’ll be able to add on cover customizations if you’d like!

A wedding album preserves your memories so you can reminisce about your wedding day and help you re-live it for years to come. It also allows friends and family to re-live the day with you, and loved ones who weren’t able to be there, feel like they were there. Your album is your first family heirloom, a tangible piece of your legacy, that you can pass down to future generations. I can’t wait for you to have it in your hands!

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