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Bride reading letter from groom

Letter Exchange on Your Wedding Morning Getting Ready Photo Ideas, Part 5

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Today I’m going to share number five on my list of Getting Ready Photo Ideas which is a letter exchange with your (almost) spouse. So far in this blog series, we’ve explored several fun and unique ways to capture you getting ready for wedding day.  Number five is more about you and your future spouse.  It is a way to celebrate you both and why you are there together on this day!  

Bride reading card from groom on wedding morning

bride reads letter on morning of wedding day

Getting ready for your big day is usually all about time with your girls and capturing those special moments. However, I love it when the bride and groom steal a few moments away from their bridal party to read the carefully crafted and thought out letters to each other. 

Your wedding day goes so quickly! The morning of your wedding day is usually a tad crazy, but a lot of fun. During the hustle and bustle of the morning, it is easy to get focused on all the details as you try to make sure everything is perfect. Exchanging letters sometimes has a calming effect as you take a moment to celebrate and remember why you’re here. The letters are a great way to communicate your feelings and love for each other! It is also a great way to share the excitement about your future together. 

The letters you write to each other are also keepsakes. They are mementos from your wedding day, and will become a part of your history together as a couple. It is something you can look back on and reread. There is no better day than your wedding day to write a letter that encapsulates your love for one another. On the day you declare your love publicly, you can also declare it privately to each other.

groom reads letter from bride on wedding day

I love candid photos that express genuine emotion. Letter reading creates beautiful, candid, and heartfelt images of brides and grooms as they read the words written just for them. 

Your letter doesn’t have to be written on anything fancy. Notebook paper will do just fine. However, there are many cute card options available on Amazon for your letter reading exchange.  There are more classic-themed ones, like these gold-scripted Vow cards. You can also find a bunch of fun, modern day ones like these two options: I Can’t Wait to Marry You and See You At The Altar

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