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Tips to Include Dad in Wedding Photos Honoring Dads

Tips for Brides

There is a special relationship between most dads and their daughters.  The phrase, “Daddy’s little girl” comes to mind. Dads play an equally important role in the lives of their sons. They coach and teach them throughout life, and model what it means to be a man, husband, and father. Dads already play a big role in their daughter’s wedding day, as traditionally, dads walk their daughter down the aisle to her future husband.  They then entrust their son-in-law to love, care, and protect her as he has done all these years. There are other ways to have your dad join in on the wedding day fun, for both the bride and groom, and capture amazing pictures in the process. 

Honoring Dads: Tips to Include Dad in Wedding Photos

01. Getting Ready

One of my favorite ways to include dads before the wedding ceremony is while everyone is getting ready. For grooms, you can have your dad there as you and your groomsmen get ready! Having dad help with your tie or your cufflinks, is a great way to capture the two of you together! Brides, on the other hand, can do a first look with her dad, which I absolutely love! Seeing grown men tear up at the sight of their little girl never gets old.  The reactions are so sweet and genuine. I know the pictures are ones that will be treasured for years to come by both the bride and her father. 

02. Family Formals

Making time for family formals is another great way to include dads into photos. Typically, family formals occur right before or right after the wedding ceremony. Either way, everyone will be wedding ready and bursting with happiness and excitement! If it is before the ceremony, you might see the father of the bride preparing himself to give his daughter away to be married. The groom’s dad is usually instilling more wisdom into his son and telling him how proud he is! Whether the family formals are taken before or after the ceremony, this is a wonderful way to grab a few more photos with dad!

03. Reception

Once you’ve exchanged your vows, you will go to celebrate with all your family and friends at the reception! Many dads will get up and say a few words before the night begins! Once dad finishes his speech is the perfect time to grab a photo with him! I have captured many newlyweds wiping away tears as one of their fathers gave a heartfelt speech.

Another time-honored wedding tradition that I LOVE is the daddy-daughter dance. Seeing dads and their daughters share the dance floor together as they laugh, and sometimes cry, is one of my favorite wedding moments. 

Dads have a reputation of being strong protectors. However, on their child’s wedding day, I love seeing the softer side of dads. They are usually wearing joyful smiles with tear-filled eyes, as they watch their child start a new chapter in life. Dads are known for their wisdom, teachings, and infinite love, and I will always help my couples find ways to include their dad in photos on their special day! 

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