How to prepare for a rainy wedding day

How to Prepare for a Rainy Day Wedding Tips for Brides

Tips for Brides

A rainy day wedding is not something that a bride wants to prepare for when planning her big day but, unfortunately, rainy wedding days do happen, like it happened for Michelle and Alex. Luckily, though, we were all prepared, and no amount of rain could stop Michelle and Alex from enjoying their beautiful wedding day! So today, to set your mind at ease, I thought I’d share some tips on how to prepare for a rainy day wedding. Thank you to Michelle and Alex for inspiring this post and for allowing us to capture so many memories, even on one of the rainiest days of the season!

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Be prepared.

A set of matching umbrellas will be your best friend if it rains. Be sure to have at least one umbrella for every two people in your bridal party. I recommend clear umbrellas like these: 46 inch clear bubble umbrellas

If there’s torrential downpours in the forecast, a pair of cute wellies like these would probably come in handy, too!

Bridal party with umbrellas
Be flexible.

Nothing every goes as planned on a wedding day, but on a rainy wedding day? You definitely have to just roll with it! Know that we will do our absolute best to ensure that you get all those must-have family shots, fun bridal party portraits, and romantic photos of you and your groom. We only ask that you trust us, even when we’re requesting changes to the timeline that we’ve been planning for months in advance.

Couple posing under covered area on a rainy day wedding
Confirm portrait locations with your photographer.

One of the many reasons why you likely chose your wedding venue was because of its beautiful grounds, so use them! Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you have to abandon all hope for outdoor photos! Remember those umbrellas you purchased? Put them to good use! You’ll be glad you did when you see the variety of photos you were able to get because you went out in the rain. Buildings with overhangs and covered terraces will provide a great solution for getting outdoor photos without having to use umbrellas all the time. Spend some time brainstorming with your photographer – you’ll feel much better about the day if you know what to expect!

Wedding at Snug Harbor
Don’t be afraid to get your dress wet or dirty.

I know this one is hard!! You have been waiting a long time to wear your beautiful wedding dress, and you most likely spent a lot of money on it! However, try to keep in mind that the only things that remain long after your wedding day are the photos and film that you hire us to capture. Your dress might get a little wet, but we promise – it will all be worth it!

Couple laughing under an umbrella
Have a backup plan for your outdoor ceremony.

Michelle and Alex didn’t have to worry about this one because they had a church ceremony, but if you plan to have an outdoor ceremony, then a backup plan is in order. Since you probably booked your venue a long time ago, you’ve probably forgotten what the plan is in case of rain, so don’t hesitate to call your venue to review it. It’s important to be familiar with the plan that is in place – not just for your sake, but also because all your friends and family will need to know, too.

Be positive.

Your attitude will make all the difference in the world on a rainy wedding day. If you’re happy, your groom will be happy. If you smile and laugh, your bridal party will follow suit! I guarantee that everyone around you will go with the flow if they see you aren’t letting the rain get you down! Even if torrential rains keep you inside during portraits, there are always doorways, windows, and areas inside your venue that can help provide variety in your photos. Remember that this is going to be a day to remember, so embrace the rain and make this a happy day, one of the happiest of your lives!

Bridal party cheering for couple on a rainy day

How to Prepare for a Rainy Wedding Day by NJ Wedding Photographer Idalia Photography
How to Prepare for a Rainy Day Wedding

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