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What to Bring to Your Engagement Session

Tips for Brides

One of the biggest questions I’m asked by my couples is what they should bring to their engagement session. Engagement sessions are supposed to be a fun celebration of this special time of your life so I think bringing props to show off your personality is always a great idea! Today, let’s talk about some of my favorite props for couples to bring to their engagement session!

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Ring Box or Ring Dish

Ring boxes and dishes are a great way for me to show off your engagement ring! They make detail shots a bit more personalized, and can be helpful if we’re somewhere it might be hard to set your ring down, like a beach! There are some cute ones on Amazon here:

engagement ring in ivory box bride holds ring in teal ring box rings in ring dish photographed during NJ engagement session


Blankets make for such cozy photos! Bring a blanket you love snuggling in or sitting on for your engagement portraits. Here are some options for you:

couple spreads out blanket during engagement photos in New Jersey New Jersey couple sits on beach toasting champagne

Champagne and Champagne Glasses

We’re celebrating, after all! Bring two glasses and a bottle of your favorite champagne (or wine) to toast a happy engagement and marriage. When choosing champagne flutes, PLEASE do not bring meaningful flutes that were a gift from someone special. First of all, you’ll be carrying them around in a bag that we’ll have to put down during shooting time. It can easily tip over and the glasses can break (this has sadly happened to one of my couples before). You could also get startled during the champagne popping and accidentally hit the two glasses together and break them that way (this has also happened to one of my couples before). Here are some champagne glasses that are a good alternative to bringing ones that have special meaning to you:

couples brings champagne to toast during engagement photos on the beach champagne as prop for engagement session couple toasts with champagne on beach

Cute Signs

Signs can be another simple and easy way to bring your personality to the session. Bring a sign with your wedding date, a love quote, or your new last name… whatever it is that makes you smile! Sign ideas below:

engaged couple stands on rocks at beach holding wooden signbride and groom hold ampersand photo of engaged couple's feet resting above wooden sign engaged couple snuggles on blanket on the beach


A seasonal bouquet is a fun way to add a pop of color in your engagement photos! I love it when my brides have something to hold. Choose a bouquet of your favorite flowers from a local NJ florist or that will match your outfits.

bride holds bouquet while posing with her fiance at Spring Lake NJCouple walking in spring lake for engagement photosCouple walks on bridge during New Jersey engagement photosEngagement session in Spring Lake

A hat!

Hats are a SUPER easy prop to bring and use during your session. The big floppy hats are often the most fun but really any you love will do. Floppy hats are especially great for the beach!

bride holds edge of her hat showing off engagement ring engaged couple poses on rocks of New Jersey beach bride holds brim of floppy hat showing off engagement ring


Bikes can bring a really playful detail to your engagement photos, especially on the boardwalk or along the beach. Vintage bikes are always a great way to bring some style into the session and cruisers like this one are so cute!

couple sits on bike during NJ engagement session inspiration for props to bring to engagement session in New Jersey engagement session poses on boardwalk in Long Beach Island


I LOVE when my clients bring balloons! They’re such a fun pop of color and again, something easy to hold during your photos. You can bring some that are just round and colorful or ones that have your name, wedding date, or something else on them.

engaged couple holds balloons during New Jersey engagement photos

Your dog!

Engagement sessions with dogs are SO cute!! I love getting to meet my couples’ dogs. They’re always so sweet and love to play. Bring a leash, some treats, and even someone else to help during your portrait session and we’ll be good to go! Here are a couple of prop ideas for doggies:

bride and groom pose with dog during engagement photos engaged couple kisses dog during portraits engaged couple hugs dog with wooden tag around neck engaged couple kisses on New Jersey beach over dog New Jersey couple stands with dog on leash during engagement photos


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