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I love honoring and celebrating all the moms out there during this special time of the year! Although Mother’s Day takes place on only one day of the year, I don’t think celebrating moms should be confined to one day! I think everyone is in agreement that moms deserve a lot of credit for everything they do, and then some! They pour their heart out taking care of their children, often making sacrifices that no one sees. Moms are always there to encourage and support their children. They cheer them on and love them through every stage of their lives! Every person out there who is a mom, or a mother figure to someone, deserves praise and gratitude for all that they do – today and everyday! Which is why, today on the blog, we are honoring moms with tips on how to include mom in wedding photos. Of course, having lost my own mom, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how to honor a mother who is not able to be present at your wedding. If that’s the case for you, my advice is to keep it simple and honor your mother with a pendant charm on your bouquet or a photo of her on the memory table at your reception.

Honoring Moms: Tips to Include Mom in Wedding Photos

Moms also play an important role on their children’s wedding day. As a wedding photographer, I have the amazing opportunity of capturing mothers with their adult children on one the happiest days! Documenting these precious moments in the lives of families brings me so much joy. I love watching the genuine emotion of my clients as they interact together.

01. Getting Ready

One way to include mom in wedding photos is while you are getting ready! Tears of happiness are often shed as a mom helps her daughter get ready for her big day, assisting with the final touches of her dress and veil; as well as, when a mom helps her son pin a boutonniere to his wedding tux. It is in these simple, yet meaningful moments, that the essence of a mom is seen. They are always there, behind the scenes ready to help, encourage, and love in any way they can.   

02. Family Formals

On your wedding day, including a time for family formals is a great way to incorporate moms into photos and spend some quality moments with her on your big day.  By this point in the day everyone is dressed up and overflowing with joy! Usually bride and grooms are getting ready to head in to the ceremony or have just said “I do”  so there is always a buzz of excitement during family formals!

03. The Reception

When it comes to including moms in your wedding day, the reception is a great way to grab a photo of your mom if you are the groom!  I love watching moms and their sons take on the dance floor at receptions and share that special moment together! There is typically a mixture of tears and laughter from them both.  It is a sweet way to make mom feel special and included on this special day!

The strong and infinite bond between a mother and daughter, parallels the unbreakable relationship between a mother and her son. As I photograph weddings, I often see moms dabbing away happy tears, while simultaneously beaming with joy and pride as they stand by their child’s side. The smiles the moms wear on their faces say it all. I hope this post inspires you to include mom on your wedding day; it’s a big day for her too and I’m sure she’ll love being made feel special on your wedding day.

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