A Guide To Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress

A Guide To Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress

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Guest Post by Mikayla St. Clair

You may have been dreaming about the perfect wedding dress since you were young and know exactly what you want it to look like, but when it comes down to actually finding that dress it can be a little more complicated than you imagined. The wedding dress is a key part of any bride’s look. The right dress can help show off your very best features and minimize any figure flaws. Taking the time to think carefully is essential. Before deciding on a dress that you’re not sure about, consider these tips that might make your decision-making process a lot easier.

Try On Many Dresses!

Shopping for a wedding dress is a great delight. Embrace the moment. Now is the time to have fun and play around. If you’ve always dreamed of being a princess, this is the time to go for it. Head to your local bridal shop. Start trying things on. It’s okay if you’re not ready to buy just yet. Set aside time to explore what’s out there. You’ll want to see what’s on the wedding dress racks right now. 

A Guide To Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress

Bring a Friend

Now is the time to enlist help you can really trust. Your best friends will give you useful advice. Bring them along and let them participate. A good friend will help you decide if the dress is not working in the back or the look is just a little too much for the afternoon wedding you’re planning. They’ll also help you decide if the dress works as it is or you might want to make alterations before you begin. That can help you narrow down your choices and find the right wedding dress.

Think About Accessories

You’re not just buying a dress. You’re also going to pair it with other things during the wedding. You want a dress that goes with the veil, jewelry and shoes you have in mind. Think about bringing them along with you when you shop. If you haven’t chosen them already, consider what you’re going to wear when you walk down the aisle. For example, if you’re wearing high heels, make sure that the dress drapes properly as you walk. A really good dress is one that works well with everything you’re going to put on on that big day.

What Doesn’t Work

Part of finding out the right dress is ruling things out. Now is the time to have an opinion. You might be drawn to a mermaid fit or find that the ball gown look is the one for you. You might also find you don’t like dresses in certain shades of white. Put dresses on and begin the process of ruling them out entirely. That will help you narrow down your choices.

A guide to finding the perfect wedding dress

The Season

Seasons matter when it comes to a wedding. You might be holding a wedding outdoors or at a religious site. Your dress should reflect this fact. For example, if you’re holding the wedding at a beach, you want a dress that can stand up to the sand and protect you from the heat at the same time. Many religious venues have a certain dress code. Find out what’s required before you go dress shopping. You want a dress that is just right for the site. Long sleeves might be a good choice in cold weather while the strapless look is best for late spring.

Take Lots of Pictures

Nothing beats pictures when you’re making a dress selection. Make sure your iphone is charged before you go shopping. You’ll want to get a picture of all the details of each dress you try on to bring home. One dress might have beautiful, intricate bodice beading. Another might have lace. Bring the camera in close up so you can take clear pictures. You should also record yourself walking in the dress. 

Now that you know how to find the perfect wedding dress it’s time to open up your planner and set aside some dates to go shopping with your closest girlfriends.

Where to Shop for a Wedding Dress

To get you started, here is a list of some of my recommended bridal shops in the NJ/NYC area!

  1. Aleana’s Bridal Shop, Paramus
  2. BHLDN, Nyc
  3. Bijou Bridal, Paramus
  4. Bridal Garden, Marlton
  5. Castle Couture, Manalapan
  6. Cinderella Bridals, Matawan
  7. Elizabeth Johns, Morristown
  8. Hearts for You, Manalapan
  9. Kleinfeld Bridal, NYC
  10. I do… I do.., Morristown
  11. Jaehee Bridal Atelier, Englewood
  12. Jefre Bridals, Green Brook
  13. Rana Bridal, Englewood
  14. The Barefoot Bride, Red Bank
  15. White House Bride, Whitehouse Station

A Guide To Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress | Guest Post by Allure Bridals


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