As a former teacher, I place a lot of value in education and I’m so thankful for all the resources out there that have allowed me to learn how to establish, grow, and run a photography business. Something I’ve been focusing on a lot since I left my teaching job last June is giving back to […]

I first met Leigh Ann after I photographed her best friend’s newborn baby boy and connected with her over blogging. We ended up collaborating on a few fun projects and I was thrilled when I found out Leigh Ann was engaged and wanted us to be a part of her wedding day. Leigh Ann is […]

After posting our Best of 2016 First Looks yesterday, I thought it would be appropriate to finally address the topic of First Looks here on the blog. It’s a topic we get asked about a lot and I’ve actually never written about it so today I’m going to address the frequently asked, sometimes controversial topic of First Looks. […]

Today I’m sharing another post in our “Best of 2016” mini-series. If you missed the first post in the series, click here to check it out: Best of 2016 Wedding Day Details. That post may have been one of our most beautiful to date but today I’m sharing one of our sweetest! Whether our couples choose […]

The Details Little Riley came to see me with her proud parents and was one of the best-behaved babies I’ve ever had in the studio. We started the session with parent photos and Riley loved being wrapped up! She was such a doll and curled up into all the poses I put her in. For […]

So… it’s mid-February already. Yeah. Just like that, we are six weeks into the new year. It has been six weeks since you set some amazing goals for yourself and your business. Six weeks since you vowed to blog consistently this year. Not to be a Debbie Downer but… how is your blogging going? Are you finally publishing […]

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