Summer Hoboken Engagement Session Rachel and Bobby


Rachel and Bobby’s summer Hoboken engagement session was such a fun one! It was so great meeting them, getting to know them a bit, and having the opportunity to capture them in a place that is so special for them that also makes for a great backdrop, too. I love the variety Hoboken provides. With Columbus Square Park, brownstones, the iconic waterfront Pier A Park, and of course, Court Street and its cobblestones, there’s so many great options. I’m excited to share some of my favorite images from my time with them but first, check out the story of how these two met:

“Rachel was Bobby’s recruiter when he applied for a job at the company they now both work for – and her best hire to this day ;) While we tried to keep it strictly professional, after many rounds of interviews, and then about a year of working in the same office, friendly banter, and plenty of work outings we finally started dropping hints that there could be something there. Bobby asked Rachel to skip an all-company meeting to get drinks one night, and neither of them ever looked back.”

That is definitely one of the best “how they met” stories I’ve heard in my ten years as a wedding photographer, ha! Get to know more of these two below. Their story is sprinkled between some of my favorite images from their session!

Summer Hoboken Engagement Session

engaged couple kisses in garden in New Jersey couple poses under archway in Hoboken NJ bride and groom walk together through gardens during summer Hoboken engagement session engaged couple kisses in gardens during summer Hoboken engagement session bride and groom pose by walkway with arches

Their first date

Rachel — “I remember everything! Where we went, what we wore, what we ordered. It’s kind of crazy! But my biggest memory is  just being so enthralled with everything he said and did. I had been so relieved when he finally had asked me to go out and I just wanted to soak up everything about him. It was one of only a few times I’d seen him outside of a work setting at that point. And I just remember thinking how incredible I thought (and still think!) he was/is.”

Bobby — “I remember that after trying for weeks to figure out a way to talk to her outside of work, I asked her to play hookie from a company meeting and get drinks with me instead. And, I was nervous, of course, which was probably why I suggested getting drinks on a boat when I get seasick! She looked beautiful as the sun set and we continued on into the night at another riverside rooftop bar. The rest is history.”

bride and groom kiss on street during summer Hoboken engagement session couple sits on steps during summer Hoboken engagement session engaged couple walks along pathway with arches in New Jersey engaged couple kisses on street during summer Hoboken engagement session bride and groom pose on steps with wrought iron railing

When they knew they had found the one

Rachel — “I knew Bobby was the one after our third date (I actually told my Maid of Honor Jessica “I’m going to marry him” over dinner one night after that date, she can attest to it!). On our third date we went to the San Gennaro Festival and I still vividly remember how he held my hand as we walked through the busy streets. I’ll never forget how secure I felt in that moment and how excited I was that everyone around would know he was with me. I never wanted that day to end, which turns out I was in luck because he invited me to go out with his friends that night. That’s what really sealed the deal. His friends were so kind and welcoming and I felt so comfortable with them, I knew this was a person I wanted to be with forever. There were plenty of moments that have reaffirmed that over the subsequent months/years but that’s the very first moment I knew he was my guy.”

Bobby — “I knew I wanted to date her from the moment I met her, but I knew I wanted to marry her after two weekends in Winter 2019. We had been dating only a couple of months, but Rachel joined me for a surprise party for my mother’s 60th birthday and a weekend away with my childhood friends. Both times were whirlwind weekends meeting those closest to me, but Rachel took it in stride and fit in seamlessly. She treated everyone like she knew them for years, and it opened my eyes to see that she was the one for me.”

bride touches groom's cheek during summer Hoboken engagement session summer Hoboken engagement session with bride in coral dress engaged couple stands touching noses in gardens of Hoboken NJ engaged couple pose by ivy wall during summer Hoboken engagement session

The Proposal

Rachel — “He totally faked me out!! It was just before Christmas and we had been planning to take Christmas photos by the tree in the apartment and then go for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in Hoboken. A few days prior, Bobby texted me to say our friends would be in town and wanted to get together. One of our friends has a professional camera and is getting into photography so “she” suggested that we also take photos by the Christmas tree/pier in Jersey City before grabbing a bite to eat. You never have to ask me twice to take pictures, so I was all for it!

We got to the pier and walked around a bit, took a few photos of our friends for them and then took a few photos ourselves. Bobby was being *very* particular about the photos, but I just thought he was looking out for me and wanting to get good pictures because he knew I cared (HA!) After a couple of pictures, Bobby pulled away, got down on one knee, and popped the question. I have no idea what he said, but I remember crying and saying “of course!!” Afterward he had a nail appointment for me (because he knew suggesting getting my nails done ahead of time would tip me off LOL and that I’d want photos!) and we went out to eat with our friends. It was the most absolutely perfect proposal I could’ve imagined!”

engaged couple holds hands walking through crosswalk in Hoboken NJ bride holds groom's arm showing off engagement ring bride and groom stand together by ivy wall in New Jersey

All about the ring

“I. LOVE. MY. RING. What I love most about it is that he picked it out completely on his own. He knew generally what styles I liked but other than that he did everything himself with the jeweler. He met with them and picked everything – the band, the stone, the setting, all of it. My favorite “feature” is knowing how much thought and effort he put into it for me and how it’s truly so heartfelt. Every time I look down and see it, it reminds me of the love we have and how truly lucky I am.”

couple walks through park during summer Hoboken engagement session engaged couple walks along waterfront in Hoboken NJ bride and groom pose along water in New Jersey engaged couple in white dress and suit kiss during summer Hoboken engagement session bride and groom hold hands along waterfront for summer Hoboken engagement session

One thing they love about each other

Rachel — “I love Bobby’s thoughtfulness and how genuine and supportive he is. You’ll never meet a person who cares more deeply than Bobby and he truly is so caring and thoughtful to everyone. He is genuine and true in everything he says and does. He’s also my biggest cheerleader and makes me feel like I can accomplish anything. Also, those eyes and that smile!!! :)”

Bobby — “I love Rachel’s dedication to being the best – the best partner, daughter, sister, coworker, and friend she can be. She’s always thinking of others, and she supports me no matter what. Rachel’s work ethic and drive are only matched by her kindness and passion for causes she cares about. Her laughter is contagious, and her dimples are the cutest :)”


engaged couple stands together touching noses couple toasts with champagne for summer Hoboken engagement sessionengaged couple toasts champagne along waterfront in New Jersey couple toasts with champagne during NJ engagement photos

“We really wanted our engagement session to represent us as a couple and feel like us, and nothing feels more like us than our very own backyard of Hoboken! When we were dating during the pandemic all we could really do for ‘activities’ was go for walks, so we’d walk through Hoboken and look at all the brownstones. When we were deciding where to shoot, we knew we had to take a few shots outside of some of the spaces we’d spent so long walking past. The waterfront photos were equally as meaningful, as they reminded us of when we got engaged with the skyline in the background!”

waterfront engagement session for young couple in Hoboken NJ engaged couple holds hands walking along waterfront in New Jersey summer Hoboken engagement session along waterfront for bride in white dress and groom in suit jacket

Their wedding vision and style

“We’re getting married at The Mill Lakeside Manor in Spring Lake, and we really want to lean into the beautiful lake and greenery/florals that surround the space. Romantic, classic, with a fun modern twist is really the vibe we’re going for. We want our guests (and ourselves) to feel like they’re stepping into a beautiful space, but one they feel comfortable and relaxed in and can dance the night away!”

Rachel and Bobby – congratulations again on your engagement! I’m so excited to see you again for your WEDDING! Enjoy your joyful engagement full of monthly champagne toasts!

groom kisses bride's forehead during NJ engagement session engaged couple walks down cobblestone streets in Hoboken NJengaged couple kisses on downtown street in Hoboken bride and groom dance on street in Hoboken NJ


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