Washington Square Park Engagement Photos

Washington Square Park Engagement Photos Jamie and David


Back in October, I had the pleasure of capturing Jamie and David’s Washington Square Park Engagement Photos. I love that they scheduled their session for first thing in the morning because we had the park all to ourselves!! There’s nothing like photographing sessions in iconic NYC locations when they are nice and empty and void of the typical crowds you find there throughout the day and evening. I’m so thankful Jamie and David were able to squeeze in this session before work that day.

Jamie and David met while they were students at Stony Brook University and have been engaged since September of last year. They’ve been quite busy with grad school, law school, and their careers so a long engagement was in order for them and I don’t blame them one bit. Jay and I had an engagement the same length as theirs – just about a month shy of two years – and we loved all that time we had together to enjoy being engaged and plan our wedding without feeling in a rush. I’m so excited for these two to have a similar experience! Jamie and David will be tying the knot next September at Park Chateau Estate and I know it’s going to be amazing and reminiscent of David’s proposal in France!! Read on to get all the details of their love story and magical Parisian proposal!

Washington Square Park Engagement Photos

engaged couple at Washington Square Park candid engagement photo at Washington Square Park Washington Square Park Engagement Photos

How they met

David and I met at Stony Brook University. Before we started dating, we were friends and were able to get to know each other during Starbucks runs and late night ice cream ( I always chose the Cotton Candy ice cream and David always chose anything Peanut Butter related).

Sunrise shoot at Washington Square Park candid photo of engaged couple on a park bench Washington Square Park engagement photos in NYC

Their first date

As we were both college students at the time, I brought up the idea of going to New York City from Stony Brook University for the day. We spent the day walking around New York City going from downtown to uptown. I was able to show him everything that I had loved about the city such as Union Square, Central Park etc. In addition, David was able to show me around Columbus Circle, an area that he enjoyed. It was such an amazing day as we both were able to explore as well as revisit familiar areas of the city.

NYC engagement photographer Washington Square Park engagement photos

When they knew they had found the one

David and I started dating when David was on his last couple of months of graduate school at Stony Brook University (SBU). It was during that time that we found out he was going to Syracuse University School of Law in the upcoming Fall. We had a long distance relationship for about year, although it didn’t feel like it because David would make the trip down to Long Island almost every weekend. Side Note: It was a 4-6 hour drive each way depending on traffic. Looking back on it now, I am thankful that David was able to spare the limited amount of time he had for studying and seeing me. After a year at Syracuse University, David transferred to Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law located blocks away from Washington Square Park. We spent a lot of time taking walks around Washington Square Park and Union Square, areas that we will always hold dear to our hearts. Law School definitely proved to the both of us that we were a great team. We can both say that during law school, our love for each other matured. After graduation, David had to study for the Bar Examination. This was one of the more difficult times our relationships because we rarely saw each other, however, once David finished the Bar Examination, we knew we could accomplish anything as a couple.

romantic engagement photo at Washington Square Park candid engagement photo at Washington Square Park

The proposal

We planned a trip to France with a pair of good friends of ours. Knowing that, at some point throughout the trip, I would propose to Jamie, I asked our friends to transport the ring (They were taking a separate flight and I didn’t want to risk TSA asking me what it was in front of Jamie). They, fortunately, agreed to bring the ring. Before taking our trip to France we created a lengthy itinerary. I decided that the perfect day to do it would be on the same day we were going to see the Moulin Rouge in the evening (it was a good excuse to dress up for pictures). Also on the itinerary for that day was  a trip to the Jardin du Luxembourg. I found the exact spot where I wanted to propose and sent a picture to our two friends that were transporting the ring. The plan was to exchange the ring as soon before the proposal as possible.

After a tour of the Catacombs, and lunch at a nice little restaurant with an amazing cheeseburger, we walked through the Garden to the precise location. While Jamie wasn’t looking, our friend and I exchanged the ring. Our friends then asked if we wanted a picture, which, fortunately Jamie agreed to do, and I blinked for quite some time to acknowledge to our friends that I was in fact going to propose. It was then when I asked Jamie to marry me. Jamie was thoroughly surprised, and I am grateful that she agreed to spend the rest of her life with me. Had she not, it would have been a lousy rest of the vacation.

couple posing for engagement photos on NYU campus NYU campus engagement photos engagement photos on NYU campus fall engagement photos on NYU campus engagement photos on NYU campus engagement photos at Washington Square Park

All about the ring

We had talked about getting married a couple of months before David had proposed, to which I began to look at engagement rings. I knew what ring I had wanted and from which jewelry store so of course, I had to let David know. I love the ring because of the shape of the stone and the detail of the under halo. Although I knew what ring I had wanted, I didn’t go to the store with David. David had over exceed my expectations on how he picked out the perfect stone for me.

engagement ring with oval shape burgundy romper for engagement photos engagement photos at Washington Square Park Washington Square Park engagement photos romantic photos at Washington Square Park engagement photos at Washington Square Park romantic dip photo of couple near NYU campus couple walking on cobblestone streets on NYU campus

One thing they love about each other

David: I love that Jamie is selfless. She oftentimes will put the needs of others before her own.

Jamie: I love about David is that he is the most caring and patient person.

engagement photos near Washington Square Park modern engagement photography near Washington Square Park candid engagement photo by Idalia Photography engagement photos in a NYC park cute posing idea for engagement photos

Their wedding day vision

We would like our wedding day to radiate with happiness and love. We had chosen Park Chateau as our wedding venue because we wanted to relive our moment in France and especially to be able to share it with all of our family and friends.

engagement photos at Think Coffee coffee shop engagement photo idea drinking coffee for engagement photos romantic morning session at Washington Square Park

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