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Margate City NJ Engagement Session Leanna and Kevin


Rainy days couldn’t dampen the spirits of Leanna and Kevin leading up to their engagement session in Margate City, NJ last August. This couple, who cherish their summer visits here, faced a unique challenge with their engagement session plans. Initially, rain postponed their photo shoot, and incredibly, the same happened with their rescheduled date.

By the time we managed to meet in Margate City NJ, it was less than a week before their wedding. The skies finally cleared, giving way to a perfect backdrop for capturing their love. That Sunday became a silver lining and a prelude to their upcoming celebration, filled with warmth and anticipation.

The delay added to the excitement and uniqueness of their session, highlighting the beauty of spontaneity. Leanna and Kevin’s flexibility and optimism shone through, making their photoshoot all the more special. They walked hand-in-hand, laughed, and shared quiet moments, creating unforgettable memories.

The final photos were a gorgeous testament to their relationship and the scenic beauty of Margate City NJ. I am immensely grateful that we could squeeze in their engagement session amidst the chaos. It was a joyful, intimate preamble to their wedding day, filled with laughter and love. Congratulations, Leanna and Kevin, on your engagement and for creating such beautiful memories in Margate City NJ!

Margate City NJ Engagement Album

Leanna and Kevin upgraded their engagement album to a luxurious 46-page edition with a soft gray leather cover, beautifully engraved. They chose deep matte paper for the pages, enhancing the quality and feel of their cherished memories. Additionally, they purchased a striking 16″x24″ framed print of one of their favorite photos, perfectly capturing a treasured moment from their Margate City NJ engagement session.

Engagement album details

collage for the engagement album

beautiful selection of photos for engagement album

selection of the photos for the engagement album

engagement album

selection of the photos for engagement album

beautiful collage of engagement session

Engagemetn album engraving of Leanna and Kevin's engagement albumcouple taking a walk holding hand in hand

fiancé making his bride dance in the beach

future husband and wife enjoying their especial day

future husband and wife having a toast during their engagement session

happy couple enjoying the beach and their moment

future husband and wife looking each other with love

happy couple posing for their engagement session

future husband and wife kissing each other

future husband and wife posing

future husband and wife taking a walk in the beach while they hold their hands

fiancé and his bride having so much fun in their engagement

beautiful couple sharing their moments

future husband and wife looking to the sunset

future husband putting his arms around his bride back

beautiful couple enjoying their time together

beautiful sunny day at Margate City

future husband and wife sharing a kiss in the beach

bride holding her fiancé's arm

bride and fiancé looking each other

fiancé and bride looking each other while taking a walk

future husband and wife enjoying the sunset in their engagement session

happy couple enjoying their engagement session


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