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I’m so excited to finally share Kaitlyn and Brian’s engagement session!  The weather has been so unpredictable this summer that our initial engagement session was interrupted by rain, thunder, and even a little lightning.  After rescheduling a couple of times, we made it happen, even if it was during one of the hottest days of the year!  Then Jay and I had planned to go on vacation so needless to say, I’ve been looking forward to sharing these images and story for a few weeks now.  Jay and I loved getting to know Kaitlyn and Brian.  They are so easy-going and happily in love that we can’t wait to photograph their wedding next year!

How they met

Kaitlyn:  Brian and I met at Rowan University.  Despite the fact that we had a class together freshman year, we didn’t actually meet until our senior year.  We were each out with friends who ended up pairing off, leaving us alone. We got to talking about this and that. Brian then took the liberty of putting his number in my phone, and we began talking more and more.  Although I was cautious at first, he hung in there, and the rest is history.

Brian:  It was a weekend early in our Senior year. I was with my friend Dustin and she was with her friend Alayna. Those two ended up pairing off, leaving Katie and I together. I hadn’t really talked to her prior to that (though I think I said one or two words to her at a party we had a couple weeks earlier). Katie immediately caught my interest and we talked for quite a bit. I remember taking her phone and putting my number in it (a slick move), and leaving with Dustin with a big smile on my face.

The first date

Kaitlyn:  Our first date was cute.  He asked if I wanted to come over and watch a movie.  He came to pick me up at my apartment, and we went back to his house and watched Wall-E.  It was a very simple date, but it was so sweet.

Brian:  Unfortunately I took her to a Red Lobster on our first “date”, which wasn’t all that memorable. After I first met her, I spent a couple weeks texting her on and off before finally asking her come over and watch a movie. We hung out three days in a row that weekend.

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When they knew 

Brian:  There was no one moment… All I can say is every time I left her, I couldn’t stop thinking about her. So I think within a few months I sort of knew.

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The proposal

Kaitlyn:  The proposal was great and a total surprise.  We decided to go into New York City for the day to walk around Central Park and get some dinner.    We went to Central Park and walked around a bit.  We came to the fountain and the lake in the middle of the park and noticed people on row boats all over the lake.  Brian decided it would be fun to do something like that.  He was rowing us around the lake for a while taking in the sights, and we got to talking about how romantic it would be to get engaged in a place like that.  Then, all of the sudden, Brian turned around, got on his knee and proposed.  We were both so happy at that moment!

Brian:  We had planned to go to Central Park a week or two prior, and I thought it was the perfect opportunity. I researched it a bit and originally planned to do it in front of the large fountain. Once we got there, it was very crowded and I wanted to go somewhere more secluded. I saw that we could rent row boats, so I jumped at the chance. We rowed around for a while, and then I jokingly mentioned it would be a great place to propose, if only I had a ring. She sighed a bit, convinced I wouldn’t propose for years. I turned around with the ring in my hand and got down on a knee. It was a great reaction :)

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What they love about each other

Kaitlyn:  One thing I love about Brian is that he can always make me laugh.  He has the ability to always put a smile on my face one way or another, no matter how I am feeling.

Brian:  I love how comfortable I am around her. We just fit together. I must also mention that she deals with my Dave Matthews Band addiction gracefully.

What they’re looking forward to on their wedding day (besides getting married!)

Kaitlyn:  The one thing I am looking forward to most on our wedding day is having all of our family and friends with us to eat, drink, and celebrate all night long!

Brian:  Celebrating with my friends and family.

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