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Laurita Winery Engagement Photos

I remember being single and wondering constantly when and where I would meet my future husband. I was always careful to notice the people around me, afraid to inadvertently miss the person I was destined to grow old with. I was especially vigilant during trips abroad, because I imagined I’d have to go far to meet the person I would marry some day. The funny thing is, Jay and I actually met three times before finally noticing each other! And he wasn’t far at all, he was right in NJ the whole time. But when it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be! I was reminded of this when Gabrielle and Brian shared the story of how they met. They met at work where their paths crossed several times. I imagine them being curious about each other and figuring out how to connect. I think we can all relate to that in some way, and when we’ve found the one and we think back to those moments that had to happen before it all made sense we can’t help but smile because we know how it plays out. And then you get to share your love story with the world and it’s inspiring to us all, even to those of us who are married already, because as the years go by, it’s important to remember the beginning. Enjoy meeting our beautiful couple and reading the details of their sweet story below!

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How they met:

Gabrielle: We met at work. I used to make detours after my meetings and stop by his desk. I always knew where he sat but the very first time I stopped by his cube I pretended to be quite surprised to see him and said  ‘Oh  hello…! You sit here? I had no idea!’.  We also used to bump into each other in the elevator. I never knew what to say so I just talked about the weather… He took his time asking me out, so until then we just talked about the weather… a lot.

Brian: At work. I admired her from afar at first until I finally had a chance to talk to her at a happy hour. After that we would make small talk whenever we saw each other, usually about the weather and such. I finally decided, either this girl really likes talking about the weather or maybe I should ask her out.

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Their first date: 

Gabrielle: After he finally asked me out, we agreed to grab a drink mid-week after work. I remember asking him a long list of questions… I needed to make sure we had something more in common than just the weather. I don’t recall the questions or his answers but I do remember laughing a lot… And winning at foosball!

Brian: We went out for drinks at a place near work. I was a little nervous because I wasn’t sure if it was a real “date” in her mind or just two colleagues getting a drink after work. Fortunately, we had a really great time and I think it became obvious that we really liked each other. I told her that I let her win at foosball but I think she did legitimately beat me.

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When they knew they had found the One:

Gabrielle: When I noticed that out of two hundred cars parked at our work garage, there were only two red, two door cars of the same make… His and mine… Had to be fate! On a serious note, I never felt so comfortable around anyone. We get each other; we share the same values and dreams for the future. When I realized that, I knew I found the one!

Brian: I think I knew pretty early on. On one of our first couple dates we sat outside and had dinner and drinks by a nice lake and talked for hours about our values and what we wanted out of life. I had never felt a connection like that with anyone, especially so early on. I knew she was a special girl at that point and I wasn’t going to let her get away.

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The Proposal:

Gabrielle: The week of proposal started as any other… besides the fact that each time I passed by Brian’s desk, he was checking the weather… Since we had evolved from the stages of weather conversations, I didn’t follow up. There was also a massive snow storm being forecasted for the week so I didn’t think anything of his obsession.

Yes, the proposal actually happened on the day of the largest blizzard of the 2016 winter. The day began uneventfully, until I got a bouquet of flowers delivered to work… I was very surprised and started suspecting that that day might turn into something more special. However, when I texted my best friend she quickly reminded me that I already thought that probably at least ten times before. I moved on and kept working. After work, we had dinner plans at one of our favorite restaurants; we still made it to dinner since it was not snowing yet. A few hours later… back at our apartment he was down on one knee… I was speechless staring at the ring!!! I don’t remember what was actually said at that moment…! Thanks to the three feet of snow outside, we had a lot of time to celebrate together before we made an official announcement. It was perfect.

Brian: I had booked us a surprise trip to go to Florida the day after popping the question, so needless to say we ended up getting three feet of snow that weekend. As it became apparent as the week progressed that we were in fact going to get a lot of snow, I knew I still wanted to go through with the proposal as scheduled- that Friday night after dinner at the spot of one of our first dates-even if we had to reschedule the trip. So despite the weather situation, it really was a perfect night. I think we probably stayed up until around 3 or 4 AM (we’re usually asleep by 10) just enjoying one of those moments you don’t want to end.

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One thing they love about each other:

Gabrielle: I love his good heart and his patience. He always thinks of others, he is a wonder person. And his patience… he has it for the both of us.

Brian: I love that I always know where I stand with Gabi. She lets you know what is on her mind, which is good because I can be pretty oblivious, as noted earlier. She is also a great listener, and I can always tell that she empathizes with what I have to say even if she is upset or disagrees. She also has a wonderful silly side to her and makes me laugh every day.

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Besides getting married, the one thing they’re looking forward to on the wedding day:

Gabrielle: Some of our family members and friends will be flying from other countries and states to be with us on that special day. I’m looking forward to having all the loved ones together celebrating with us.

Brian: Having all of our close friends and family there to share it with. I really want to make an effort to pause and take it all in because I’m sure it will fly by.

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