The Mill at Spring Lake Heights Wedding

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The Mill at Spring Lake Heights WeddingThe Couple

Katherine and Chris were teacher colleagues of mine when I used to teach, so their wedding day was extra special to me. They met when Katherine began her career as a math teacher at Freehold High School, where Chris already taught English. They would see each other in the hallways and faculty rooms, but they were both shy around each other. It wasn’t until they were proctoring a test together that they had the opportunity to get to know one another – silently, via notes they wrote each other as the students took their exams. They began dating soon after and three months into their relationship, Chris took Katherine on a date to Grounds for Sculpture. As they walked through the gardens, they found a small bench by a quiet brook. Sitting there, in the serene shade of that place, talking to each other, Chris knew that he loved Katherine dearly, and he would one day ask her to be his wife. So last summer, Chris took Katherine back to Grounds for Sculpture. This time he was uncharacteristically quiet because he was carrying an engagement ring with him. Late in the afternoon, the summer sun gently falling through the leaves, they returned to that spot by the brook, and Chris asked Katherine to be his wife.

The Wedding Day

Much of the little details of Katherine and Chris’s wedding – the invitations, some of the decor – came from their shared careers as educators. Books, literature, even math equations for table numbers, and all manner of traditional elements of learning and imagination were a source of inspiration for their day and created a perfectly classic and timeless wedding. Katherine and Chris were married at St. Alexander Nevsky Russian Orthodox Cathedral in a traditional ceremony among family and friends. It was one of the most unique ceremonies that Jay and I have ever photographed! After the ceremony we headed to The Mill at Spring Lake Heights for outdoor portraits and a lively reception full of Greek and Russian dances. The day was perfect in every way, but my favorite part was witnessing Katherine and Chris promise themselves to each other and begin their lives together as husband and wife. We are so excited for their marriage and for their honeymoon, too! These two are honeymooning on the islands of French Polynesia in the South Pacific – so amazing!

Katherine and Chris, thank you for allowing us to capture your day. Jay and I wish you so much love, health, and joy! Enjoy the rest of your honeymoon!

Wedding Vendors

Venue | The Mill Lakeside Manor
Photography | Idalia Photography
Cake | Elisa’s Pastry Shop
DJ | Create Excitement
Florals | Especially for You Florist
Invitations | Pier Gustafson
Shoes | Manolo Blahnik
Wedding Dress | Maggie Sottero | Kleinfeld Bridal

The Mill at Spring Lake Heights Wedding Photos

Wedding with literature books Manolo Blahnik shoes and Mrs. Box Maggie Sottero dress from Kleinfeld Shoes by Manolo Blahnik; Dress by Maggie Sottero Literature themed wedding invitation Maggie Sottero wedding gown Literary themed wedding invitation Bridesmaids placing veil on bride Classic details Bridal portrait Groom details Cuff links for grammarians Groom and brother getting ready Groom portrait St Alexander Nevsky Russian Orthodox Cathedral Processional at St Alexander Nevsky Russian Orthodox Cathedral St Alexander Nevsky Russian Orthodox Cathedral Wedding Ceremony Ring exchange in Russian Orthodox Church St Alexander Nevsky Russian Orthodox Cathedral Wedding St Alexander Nevsky Russian Orthodox Cathedral Wedding St Alexander Nevsky Russian Orthodox Cathedral Wedding Russian Orthodox NJ Wedding St Alexander Nevsky Russian Orthodox Cathedral Wedding Ceremony St Alexander Nevsky Russian Orthodox Cathedral Wedding Ceremony St Alexander Nevsky Russian Orthodox Cathedral Wedding First Kissthe-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0085 Church exit the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0027 the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0028 the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0029 the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0030 the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0031 the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0032 the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0033 the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0034 the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0035Bride and Groom at The Mill at Spring Lake Heights the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0037 the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0038 the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0043 the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0040Bride and groom formal portraits the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0042 the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0041 the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0045 the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0044 the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0047 the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0046 the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0048 the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0049 the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0050 the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0051 the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0052 the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0053 the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0057the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0084 the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0055 the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0056 the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0058 the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0059 the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0060 the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0061 the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0062 the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0063 the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0064 the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0065 the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0066 the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0067 the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0068 the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0069 the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0070 the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0071 the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0072 the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0073 the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0074 the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0077 the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0076 the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0078 the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0075 the-mill-at-spring-lake-heights-wedding-photos_0079

Education-themed wedding reception ideas | The Mill Lakeside Manor Wedding in Spring Lake Heights, NJ

Pastel summer florals by Especially for You Florist | Photos by Idalia Photography

Wedding at The Mill Lakeside Manor | Spring Lake Heights, NJ

Wedding Invitations by Pier Gustafson | The Mill Lakeside Manor Wedding

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