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Freehold NJ Newborn Photos Baby Rosalie


Freehold NJ Newborn Photos by Idalia Photography

I’m so excited to share Rosalie on the blog today! This little beauty currently holds the record for having the fastest session and being the best-behaved for her newborn photos. Apparently she had been up the entire night the night before the session and while that was hard on her parents, it’s the best thing that could happen to a newborn photographer. A tired baby meant that Rosalie slept the entire time she was here for her newborn photos. And when I say the entire time, I really mean it! She was sleeping when she arrived, slept through the entire session, and was still sleeping when she left. This little one didn’t even wake up to feed, nor did she pee or poop! That NEVER happens! Rosalie made it sooo easy for me – what a doll! Her parents chose a full session, too, which is usually about 4 hours if you take into account all the feedings and diaper changes that are necessary, but this little lady got it all done in an hour and forty-five minutes – family shots, parent shots, and individual shots of her in a basket, on a crate, and on a blanket. The whole shebang! I’m sure her poor parents paid for it that night when she was wide awake but at least they have these beautiful images of their little girl, right?

For her session her parents chose gray, cream, shades of pink, and a little navy to go with her nursery colors. I love how this session turned out, and I think you will, too, if you love the soft and natural look like I do =) Enjoy this peek at my time with Rosalie and her parents!

Freehold NJ Newborn Photos

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