Fire Island Lighthouse Engagement Photos | Jennifer and Brian


Fire Island Lighthouse Engagement Photos Long Island Photographer | Jennifer and Brian


Jennifer and Brian met during college and were engaged this past May! They found their venue pretty quickly and by August, they had already reached out to us to capture their wedding day. Talk about getting stuff done quickly! Jen and Brian are currently planning a September 2019 wedding at Bridgeview Yacht Club on Long Island and it’s of course going to be beautiful!

For their engagement session, Jennifer and Brian chose Fire Island Lighthouse. This was a brand new shooting location for me and it turned out to be well worth the trip. I loved how the natural surroundings complemented the classic lighthouse and lush, tall. green grasses. It was a perfect spot for a summer engagement session and these two were troopers because it was such a hot day that day, too! Luckily you can’t even tell in these images because these two were enjoying each other’s company so much regardless.

Enjoy getting to know Jen and Brian – I’ve sprinkled their love story throughout this post!

Fire Island Lighthouse Engagement Photos

How they met

We met our freshman year at Providence College. We both went over to a party at a dorm with our respective groups of friends. Brian challenged Jen to a game of beer pong and they agreed that the loser had to buy the winner a drink at the bar later that night. To this day Brian says he lost the game on purpose, so he had an excuse to hang out with Jen more. After Brian bought Jen her winning drink, the two were inseparable.

Their first date

Jen:  Our first date was at the Museum of Natural History in NYC. I remember being so excited and changing my outfit probably 10 times. We both loved going to the museum as kids and both shared the same favorite spot in the museum… the big blue whale exhibit! After exploring the museum we walked around the upper east side and got pizza.

Brian: After we went to the Museum of Natural History I remember we went to a pizza place not far from the museum. We must have sat in the restaurant for 3 hours just talking. Neither of us wanted to leave the other and go home.

When they knew they had found the one

Jen: I knew I was going to marry Brian when I found out his last name (it rhymes with my first name – Jen Wren). I thought to myself “just watch I fall in love with this guy and have to go through the rest of my life with a rhyming name”. But in all seriousness, I knew Brian was the one pretty early on.  Not only was he an incredible boyfriend, but he was my best friend. I couldn’t picture my life without him.

Brian:  I cannot say it was one day or one event that made me realize she was “the one.” Whenever I would picture my future or imagine where I would be or what I would be doing in 10 years she was always there, and I could not imagine my future without Jen.

The proposal

Jen: The proposal was absolutely perfect and I was completely clueless. It was a Saturday and Brian and I were traveling to California on Thursday for a two week road trip down Route 1, a trip we have been dreaming about since we met at 19. Brian asked me what I wanted to do Saturday and I gave him a few suggestions, go to a Yankee game, go to Governor’s island. All of which he rejected giving various excuses to why we couldn’t go. Eventually I decided, why don’t we walk over the Brooklyn Bridge and go to Dumbo for the day, which Brian then eagerly agreed to. Little did I know he was trying to get me to decide on the spot that he was planning on proposing to me all these years! Brooklyn Bridge was one of our first date spots and a place we love to visit every year. After we walked across the bridge, we walked over to the water with the city skyline in the background where Brian said the sweetest things and proposed to me. I was in complete shock! Brian even hired a photographer to capture the moment – it couldn’t have been more perfect. I love how he planned the proposal a few days before our trip of a lifetime. It made the vacation even more special.

Brian: I was super nervous carrying the ring around all day. I thought she was going to notice that I had my hand in my pocket the entire day. I kept thinking it was going to fall out and I would lose it.

All about the ring

My ring is absolutely perfect! I wanted something simple, timeless and classic. Brian got me a round cut diamond with a thin platinum band. It is stunning and he picked it out all on his own! I couldn’t be happier with how beautiful and classic it is.

One thing they love about each other

Jen: I love how Brian brings out the best in me. He brings out my adventurous spirit and my goofy side. He always can make me laugh and knows how to bring a smile to my face, even if I am having a terrible day. He is the most supportive partner and always encourages me to be the best I can be.

Brian: How adventurous she is. She loves to travel. I think if it were up to her we would live in a different country every year. Whether it is hiking Big Sur, apple picking out east, or a spontaneous trip to Germany for Oktoberfest, she is always up for a new adventure.

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