Fall engagement photos at Sandy Hook in Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Fall Engagement Photos at Sandy Hook Kelly and Kyle | Photos by Associate Team


Happy Monday, friends! I’m kicking off the week playing catch-up on my blog by sharing an engagement session from last fall! I’m excited to feature Kelly and Kyle and their fall engagement photos at Sandy Hook. Our associate photographer Marianne shot this session back in November and I love how it turned out. Not only do Kelly and Kyle make a beautiful couple but, also, this location never disappoints. It’s so scenic and makes for a perfect backdrop for engagement photos.

Kelly and Kyle are high school sweethearts! I love this description that they sent over about the start of their relationship: “Kelly and Kyle have been in each other’s lives longer than either can remember. Growing up in the same small town, they attended school and played on teams together from a very young age. But it wasn’t until the summer of 2012 that they found themselves growing closer while they both worked at the Riegel Ridge community pool. They joked and laughed more and more each day without even realizing that they were building the foundation of a friendship that would eventually turn into so much more. Kyle seemed to figure it out first and was very persistent in attempting to get Kelly to go out with him. A grade ahead of Kyle, Kelly wasn’t totally sure if being a cougar was for her. Eventually, though, Kelly could not resists and they had their first date at Jimmie’s, sharing twist ice cream with rainbow sprinkles (no peanuts). Now almost a decade later, Kelly and Kyle have grown up together going through both the best times and some of the hardest that each have faced. Deciding to spend their lives together is a natural next step for these two who look forward to having their best friend by their side to continue to joke and laugh for all the days to come.”

Keep scrolling to get a peek at some of my favorite photos from their engagement session. And, more of their love story sprinkled throughout.

Fall Engagement Photos at Sandy Hook

bride and groom hold hands walking along Jersey Shore beach fall engagement photos at Sandy Hook Beach with NJ wedding photographer Idalia Photography bride and groom laugh by tall grass at Sandy Hook Beach groom kisses bride's neck during New Jersey engagement photos groom lifts bride during Atlantic Highlands NJ engagement session on the beach

Their first date

“It was Kyle’s 17th birthday and we went to Jimmies and shared an ice cream! Kyle did not want to go home! he just wanted Kelly to keep driving around in the convertible!”

engaged couple laughs during New Jersey engagement session on the beach groom lifts bride up during fall engagement photos at Sandy Hook engagement photos at Sandy Hook Beach with Idalia Photographybride and groom pose by tall grass at Sandy Hook Beach

When they knew they had found the one

Kelly: “I feel like ever since we started going out we just felt it was forever, there was never a doubt in my mind that he was forever gonna be my best friend.”

Kyle: “I always knew she was the one.”

New Jersey couple poses in the sand at Sandy Hook Beachromantic engagement photos at Sandy Hook with couple standing nose to nose by waterbride pops foot while couple kisses on Sandy Hook Beach

The Proposal

“The proposal makes me laugh all the time! Kyle had planned a hiking trip with me and the dog, and of course nothing was going right that day! He originally wanted to take me up the one path we had gone before where there was a huge waterfall but of course, that trail was closed!!! So, Kyle insisted we just pull over on the side of the road and just start hiking through some back yards until we get there.. after an hour and a very failed attempt… we decided to turn around and go to another location.

Right when we got there it started to thunder, and the clouds came rolling in!! Me not knowing why he was not giving up on this hike followed him along into the woods.. after a little while we got to another waterfall where Kyle got down on one knee and had a beautiful speech prepared. Of course I cried like a baby ! While I was crying and trying to get the word yes out of my mouth our very strong, but cute dog began pulling me closer and closer towards the edge of the cliff dragging me almost off! Luckily Kyle saved me! I love our proposal because it’s so true to him and I.. nothing always goes as planned but we always make the best of situation when we are together.”
engagement portraits on rocks in Atlantic Highlands NJ bride and groom nuzzle noses during engagement photos at Sandy Hook

All about the ring

“My ring is GORGEOUS! Kyle went with my sister and brother in-law to the same shop where my sister and sister in-law’s rings are from (sister diamonds!). My favorite thing about my ring is that Kyle special customized it himself, it has a touch of everything I dreamed of but also his own special touch! i love the idea that he designed what he knew I would love.”

engaged couple poses on wooden walkway at the Jersey Shore during NJ engagement photos Jersey Shore engagement portraits during the fall

One thing they love about each other

Kelly: “I love Kyle’s energetic personality, and willing to always put others before himself. I also love how Kyle can I can always have so much fun together no matter where we go.. he gives me those silent laughs where you are laughing so hard that no noise comes out.”

Kyle: “I love Kelly’s sense of humor, she can make me laugh about nothing, I can never stop smiling around her.”

bride and groom snuggle on the beach during winter engagement photos on Sandy Hook Beachgroom and bride laugh on bride at Sandy Hook Beach

How they chose the location for their engagement session

“We are getting married in September. So we wanted a scenery that best matched the time of year that we are getting married. Our engagement shoot was in the winter so a beach was able to give us the best feeling of summer. But also had the tall grasses that gave us all the feels of our small hometown. We also both went to Sandy hook on a field trip in middle school!”
engaged couple dances on Sandy Hook Beach in New Jersey engaged couple laughs during engagement photos at Sandy Hook

Their wedding vision

“Our wedding vision is a white tent wedding by the water, very romantic with lots of rose gold and greenery!”

engaged couple hugs on beach looking over water in Sandy Hook NJ groom holds bride on beach while she shows off engagement ring

Thank you, Kelly and Kyle, for sharing your story and fall engagement photos at Sandy Hook with us! I can already tell your wedding day is going to be so special!!

Kelly and Kyle will be tying the knot at Windows on the Water at Frogbridge in September and we can hardly wait! Interested in having us capture your wedding? Click here to check your date!

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