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What to Wear for Your Spring Engagement Session Tips for Brides

Tips for Brides

March is finally here and with that comes lots of planning for spring engagement sessions! To help you plan, here are some tips by my friend NJ Personal Stylist Elaine Yu from Simply Chic Styling.

What to Wear for Your Spring Engagement Session

Guest Post by Elaine Yu | Simply Chic Styling

Thinking about what to wear for your engagement photo session can seem like a minor detail in the grand scheme of wedding planning. You have so many things to think about and detailed decisions to make. If your engagement photo session has been scheduled, outfit preparation shouldn’t be left to the last minute. Investing time in thinking about clothes for both you and your fiancé can make a huge difference in your photos – which you’ll have forever. So to help ease the stress and overwhelm, I’d like to share some engagement photo style tips with you!

Here are some ideas and tips to get you started:

1. Planning outfits for your engagement photo session doesn’t have to be a major project. Look through magazines, read your favorite blogs and save pictures of outfits you like for you and your fiancé. Use Pinterest to create a mood board of clothes you like. All of the individual outfits usually have a theme and seeing the pictures laid out in one place can be very helpful. For example, you might see that you really like denim and printed sundresses, or solid blouses paired with jeans.

2. Ideally, you want to select two outfits for the both of you – one casual and one dressier option – so you can have two different looks in your photos.
3. Don’t forget about the accessories – shoes, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, nail polish color. All of these details make a big difference!

4. Bride, be sure to try on your outfits with the right undergarments. Avoid bra straps that pop out (you might need a strapless bra) and underwear lines.

5. Outfits for you and your partner can be different colors, patterns and textures as long as they complement each other.

6. Or, if you prefer, your outfits can use similar colors. Try different shades of the same color if you go in this direction. Otherwise, you’ll look too matchy. The key is to coordinate, not match!

7. When thinking about your outfits as a couple, lay out your clothes, take pictures and look at them side by side. This will help you determine if the clothes look good together for your photos. 

8. Think about textures which look really great in photos.

9. Wear colors that complement your skin tone. Think about your favorite colors or the colors you feel the most alive in. If you wear a particular color and get lots of compliments from friends, that color works for you! If you put on a color and it makes you look pale, or washed out then it is not the right color for you. Avoid making this decision in the fitting room of department stores. The lighting is always terrible! Instead, use natural light. Have someone take a picture of you so you can have a clear perspective of how you look in the clothes.

10. Avoid fussy clothes! If you have to fuss with a top, adjust the strap on dress, or you constantly need to tug this one piece to make a piece fit just right – that’s a deal breaker! That piece won’t work for your photos. Anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or uneasy will definitely show up in your photos. You want to wear clothes that you feel comfortable in and most importantly, reflect your personality.

11. Try everything on. If you need alterations or find a stain, you want enough time to visit the tailor or dry cleaner.

12. Keep proportions in mind. You want your outfit to be balanced so if you’re wearing a top with a lot of volume, be sure to keep your bottom streamlined (pencil skirt or skinny jeans). If you decide to wear pants that have more volume like wide jeans, keep your top streamlined and fitted. If you wear both pieces with a lot of volume, you’ll lose your natural body shape.

13. Avoid shirts with writing. That logo you love or slogan that suits your life perfectly at this moment will probably look dated ten years from now.

14. Colors work really well in photos and will help you stand out. If wearing bright clothes doesn’t suit you, consider jazzing up your outfit with colorful accessories.

15. Think about getting your hair blown out and a professional makeup application for your engagement photo shoot. Remember, all of the little details matter!

16. Consider the location! Save the stiletto heels for even surfaces; avoid them if your location has lots of grassy areas and/or cobblestones.

What to Wear for Your Spring Engagement Session
What to Wear for Your Spring Engagement Session by Simply Chic Styling

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