What to Wear for Your Fall Engagement Session
What to Wear for Your Fall Engagement Session

What to Wear for Your Fall Engagement Session Tips for Brides

Tips for Brides

September 14, 2016

What to Wear for Your Fall Engagement Session

What to Wear for Your Fall Engagement Session

Guest Post by Elaine Yu | Simply Chic Styling

Lucky you, a fall engagement photo session. First off, congratulations on your upcoming wedding and congrats on picking the best time of the year to have your engagement photos taken. Strictly style speaking, that is! Fall offers countless wardrobe options to choose from and I’m here to offer some style tips to help you prepare for your photo shoot.

The next few months are going to be crazy busy. Wedding planning can be a full-time job and your engagement photo session might seem like a small piece in the overwhelming puzzle. But trust me, investing the time to create outfits you love for you and your fiancé will definitely reap its rewards when you get the final images. Plus, if you both wear outfits you love and feel comfortable in, you’ll be more relaxed which means you can fully embrace the experience of getting your professional photos taken. Go ahead and feel like a celebrity for the day!

Ready? Let’s dive in and get started.

  1. Fall Style Ideas

To get warmed up, here are some ideas to get you in the right mindset for fall style. Also be sure to look through magazines, catalogs and Pinterest for inspiration.

Fall outfit inspiration

2. Take a Close Look

Spend time thinking about your outfits and reviewing the garments. Check for stains, snags, loose buttons and tears and be sure to give yourself enough time for dry cleaning or alterations.

If you love a piece but the fit isn’t perfect, consider getting it tailored, which can make all the difference. For example, if the sleeves on your favorite jacket are a tad too long, getting them hemmed will change the fit and overall look.

3. Think Layers

The best part of fall is the opportunity to layer up. With the variable temperatures, it means you can choose a layered outfit and wear the jacket in the morning when it’s cool and take the jacket off when it warms up. When adding layers, consider jackets, cardigans, vests, and blazers.

Women's fall outfit ideas

4. Think Textures

My favorite part of fall is the variety of fun textures! When considering textures, think about leather, suede, corduroy, lace, faux furs, knits, plaids, velvet, silk, and wool. You can even combine some of them! For example, one of my favorite combinations is denim and leather.

Fall fashion ideas for women

Check out this Pinterest Board for more ideas on textures.

5. Shoes – The Fun Part

Have fun with your shoes – booties, boots, strappy suede pumps, peep toes, and OTK (over the knee) boots.

Fall Shoe Ideas

6. Variety

Choose two outfits – one dressy and one casual – which will give you variety in your photos.

Fall Engagement Session Outfit Ideas

7.  Groom Style

Don’t forget about your main man! If he needs some style assistance, spend time laying out his outfits as well. Choose one casual and one dressy option to go along with your outfits.

Fall outfit ideas for men

8.  Complement Each Other

You don’t have to match exactly! Just coordinate your outfits so they do not clash. Lay them side by side to get a good look.

Fall engagement session outfit ideas

9.  Feel Like You

It’s important that you feel comfortable and like yourself in the outfits you choose. You don’t want to feel uncomfortable or wear anything that requires a lot of adjusting, pulling or tugging.

10.  Colors

Pay attention to your shoot location – which acts as your backdrop – and the colors you’ll be wearing. In early fall, the leaves are brightly colored in warm hues – reds, oranges, and yellows. Towards mid – end November, scenery tends to look more muted/brown.

If your background will be mostly browns, wear color so there’s contrast. If you’re unsure what color looks good on you, here’s a pro tip: teal, eggplant and true red are universally appealing colors and look great against a muted background!

Pantone colors for fall

Princeton University Fall Outfit Inspiration

Collegiate campus. Ivy league university | See this Pinterest Board and mood boards below.

Fall engagement session outfit ideas Fall engagement session outfit inspiration

Allaire State Park Outfit Inspiration

Forests. Camp grounds. Lots of fall foliage | See this Pinterest Board and mood boards below.

Fall engagement session outfit ideas for bride and groom

Skylands Manor Outfit Inspiration

Castle. Lots of fall foliage. Botanical garden. | See this Pinterest Board and mood boards below.

Fall engagement session outfit ideas

11.  The Final Touches

Lastly, having your hair and makeup professionally done will make the final images that much better. Don’t forget to groom your eyebrows, go for a mani/pedi, and drink lots of water prior to your photo shoot to hyrate your skin.

Hope you found my style tips helpful. Good luck with wedding planning and I’ll look forward to seeing your beautiful engagement pictures!

There you go, ladies (and gents!) – I cannot wait to see what you come up with for your engagement session outfits. Thank you to Elaine from Simply Chic Styling for putting together these tips for our brides! Follow her in Instagram and Facebook for more fashion tips!

What to Wear for Your Fall Engagement Photos by NJ Stylist Elaine Yu

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