Tips for Including Your Dog in Your Engagement Photos
How to include your dog in your engagement photos

Tips for Including Your Dog in Engagement Photos

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It’s National Pet Day so today I thought it would be fun to share some advice that might be useful to couples who are thinking about including their dog in their engagement photos. SO many of our couples have furbabies and we love when they’re included in your photos! Of course, we also love when our sessions go smoothly, too, ha! Here are some tips to help us have a successful engagement session with your furbaby!

  1. Pick a location that allows dogs. Dog-friendly parks are best but neighborhood sidewalks work just as well!
  2. Make sure the dog’s leash and collar don’t clash with what you’re wearing. You likely put a lot of thought into what you and your fiance are going to wear so make sure you do the same for your pet.
  3. Feed your dog before the shoot. Your doggy will be much happier if he or she isn’t starving for food!
  4. Plan for your dog to arrive no sooner than thirty minutes into the shoot. At the start of an engagement session I like to spend some time getting our couples relaxed and familiar with our posing. It will be a lot easier for all of us to focus if your doggy has’t arrived yet.
  5. Bring a friend or family member to help. This will help with point #4 =) and having an assistant will  also be useful for getting your dog’s attention when we need to, holding treats, and caring for your dog when needed.
  6. Have your friend or family member give your dog a little pre-shoot exercise. This way your doggy isn’t super hyper when he/she arrives to the shoot. Whatever can be done to ensure a calm dog during the shoot will be much appreciated! This will also help tire him or her out so that there isn’t too much jumping on your well-planned outfits. If your dog loves to jump then plan for him/her to arrive at the end of the portion with your first outfit which is about 30 minutes into the shoot.
  7. Stay positive, even if your dog misbehaves a little. Your dog will likely sense it if you get frustrated and that won’t help. It’s ok if your dog doesn’t look at the camera – playful photos with your doggy are adorable, too!
  8. Don’t forget treats! Your friend or family member can hold these and reward your dog for good behavior.
  9. Limit your dog’s time at the session. Plan for your dog to depart after 10-15 minutes. That’ll be plenty of time to get some walking shots, playful photos, candid moments, and maybe even a photo of all of you smiling at the camera!
  10. Here are a couple of prop ideas for doggies (These are affiliate links. That means, I get a small commission if you purchase through these links. Thank you for supporting my small business!):


I hope this post is helpful for all of the dog lovers out there! Remember that you know your dog better than anyone. If your dog isn’t typically good with staying still then don’t stress out about perfect photos and embrace the genuine moments.

I cannot wait to meet your furry friend. For more Tips for Brides click HERE. Happy Wedding Planning!!

How to Include Your Dog in Your Photo Shoot Engagement session with dog in Hoboken

Tips for Including Your Dogs in Your Engagement Photos
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Tips for Including Your Dog in Your Engagement Photos | Photos by Idalia Photography

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