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Long Island City Engagement Photos Queens NY Photographer | Leigh Ann and Taylor


Long Island City Engagement Photos

I first met Leigh Ann after I photographed her best friend’s newborn baby boy and connected with her over blogging. We ended up collaborating on a few fun projects and I was thrilled when I found out Leigh Ann was engaged and wanted us to be a part of her wedding day. Leigh Ann is a joyful, energetic woman with the sweetest personality and I couldn’t wait to meet the man that had stolen her heart. I met up with Leigh Ann and Taylor at Gantry Plaza State Park last summer and I saw right away why Leigh Ann had fallen for him. He was just as joyful and energetic as she was and their excitement over being engaged was just wonderful to see. I had such a fun time with these two hearing their engagement story first hand and then getting insight into their wedding day plans. Leigh Ann and Taylor wanted their engagement session to feel like a fun, summer day in the park so we strolled through the park and even had a drink while we waited for the sun to start going down behind Manhattan so that we could finish the session with soft, golden light. These two were such a treat to photograph – you are going to love getting a peek at my time with them. And be sure to get to the end because for the first time ever, I’ve included engagement session outtakes! Because they were too good not to include! Enjoy getting to know these two and get excited for their June wedding!

Long Island City Engagement Photos

Queens Engagement Photos Gantry Plaza State Park Engagement Photo Gantry Plaza State Park Photo Shoot

How they met:

Leigh Ann: We met through Tinder (though we didn’t actually meet in person until about 5 months after we matched online because I barely went on the app).

Taylor: We met on Tinder (I’m not convinced she actually swiped right on me, I bet her friend Joey or Sarah did). We matched in July but didn’t start talking until October.

Gantry Plaza State Park Portrait Session Summer engagement in Queens, NY Cute couple in Long Island City

Their first date:

Leigh Ann: Our schedules were just not lining up. He eventually suggested an upcoming Friday night but I had to go to NJ after work so I jokingly said (thinking he would never take me up on it), “I guess Friday could work, if you want to grab a drink in Penn Station.” And he actually answered, “Yeah, sure, let’s meet in Penn Station.” So we met at a divey commuter bar in Penn and only had about 20 minutes before my train because he got stuck on the subway, but that was enough time to know I wanted a second date.

Taylor: She tried to cancel. Many times. Many, many times. I was running late from work so our first date was actually around 20 minutes. It was at a bar in Penn Station called Kabooz’s.

Long Island City Engagement Photos Intimate engagement photoSummer love in Long Island City

When they knew they had found the one:

Leigh Ann: I knew right from the start that he was special, and that everything felt easy with him. One of our early dates was going to my friend Emma’s ugly sweater party and since I’m very into DIY and crafting, I suggested to Taylor that we make our own sweaters together. When I saw Taylor waiting for me at Michael’s on a Friday night, patiently helping me select craft supplies, and operating a glue gun later that night, I knew he was a keeper!

Taylor: There wasn’t one specific thing. Early on I realized how special she was and as things kept getting easier I saw the signs and realized that it was easy because it was right.

Fun couple in Long Island City Couple in love in Long Island City Fun couple at Long Island City


The proposal:

Leigh Ann: We were just sitting around at home on a Friday night when Taylor casually suggested we go out to dinner in our neighborhood. When we arrived at the end of the subway platform, he got down on one knee and proposed. Moments later, the next subway car rolled up and I was shocked to see that it was filled with our friends and family! After that, the entire group went to dinner to celebrate. Taylor’s friend filmed the whole thing, and there was even a small camera in the ring box itself! It was incredibly thoughtful.

Taylor: I worked very hard on it. My sister Mary came up from Atlanta, and I stashed friends and family at the next train station. I wasn’t nervous at all. My friend Mike filmed it. I got down on one knee and proposed. The next train had all of our important people there. It was perfect for us.

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One thing they love about each other:

Leigh Ann: I really love how Taylor can always make me laugh. Even when I’m totally stressed, he has a way of making me feel lighter.

Taylor: I really love her smile. It’s a good cure for what ails me. 

Candid engagement photo Sunset engagement shoot in Long Island City Long Island City couple in love


Besides getting married, the one thing they’re looking forward to on their wedding day:

Leigh Ann: Seeing everyone we love in one place! (And also eating all of the amazing food, and having an epic dance party!)

Taylor: Celebrating with friends and family.

Pictures of couple in Long Island City, NY


Ok, that’s enough sweet, romantic images! Here are a few of my favorite outtakes from the shoot!Silly photos during engagement session Outtakes from engagement session Silly pose idea for engagement photo Fun couple engagement photos

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