Island Heights NJ Engagement Photos

Island Heights NJ Engagement Photos Ocean County Photographer | Krissa and Bill


Island Heights NJ Engagement Photos

I discovered Island Heights many years ago thanks to Jay and his family and I’ve always loved it there.  It’s a beautiful and serene spot that not many people know about, so you can imagine my surprise when Bill and Krissa said this was the place where Bill proposed to Krissa last Christmas. It immediately reminded me of the winter when Jay and I stopped in Island Heights on the way to his parents house to talk about our potential (non-existent, overwhelming, anxiety-provoking) wedding plans. We were so confused that day, but as we sat there, in a spot overlooking the Toms River, we figured it all out and everything was right in the world again. Island Heights is a hidden gem that is peaceful and calm and it’s always a breath of fresh air. I’m so glad Krissa and Bill are as fond of it as we are, and that they chose it for their engagement photos. It is meaningful and picturesque, and it complements  their upcoming summer wedding perfectly.  I love that such an important chapter in their lives is represented in these images and that they’ll always remember Island Heights as the place where she said yes! Here are a few favorites from Krissa and Bill’s engagement session – enjoy!

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Island Heights NJ Engagement Session Island Heights NJ Boardwalk Sweet Island Heights NJ Engagement

How they met:

“We met at a mutual friends’ Fourth of July party.”

Bill: “We talked that night, but I never got her number. I then had to try and find her on Facebook. After many failed searches, I found her.”

Krissa: “We immediately bonded over growing up in the same town, competing in Division I athletics, and our mutual love of Costco.”

Groom kissing bride on forehead Island Heights NJ Marina Nautical themed engagement session

Their first date:

Bill: “Since I knew she was a runner, I volunteered to go on a run with her. I picked her up and we went running. I think I almost died. I maybe ran two miles but it felt like a marathon.”

Krissa: “Bill and I went for a run at a local park. He was an athlete in college, so I thought he would be able to keep up with me! It was adorable… He was so winded but tried not to show it! I was impressed with his effort!”

Island Heights NJ Photo Location Blue and green engagement photo outfits Island Heights NJ Photos Island Heights NJ Gazebo Island Heights NJ Engagement Island Heights NJ Boardwalk Summer engagement session in NJ Engagement Photos in blue and gold Couple walking in Island Heights NJ Island Heights NJ Photos Dancing on the boardwalk

How they knew they had found the one:

Bill: “I could tell from the first time we hung out that she was the one. It was amazing how natural it all felt. Also, one of the first times we went out to eat together was at a buffet, and she got dessert with each of her trips up to get food. Right then, I knew I was going to marry her.”

Krissa: “A few months into our relationship, when I realized that Bill made [and continues to make] me feel like the truest version of myself, I knew he was the one. It became so clear to me that we bring out the best in one another, and I knew that I never wanted to live without him.”

Island Heights NJ Gazebo Sweet NJ Couple Groom kissing bride's temple

The proposal:

Bill: “I knew I wanted to propose on a run, since running is something we do together and it is such a big part of our lives. We have our favorite spots to run and Island Heights is one of them. I picked a spot that we love and planned to do it there. Krissa’s sister, Kira, and I went the day before to find a place for her to hide so she could get it on camera.

So it was Christmas Eve morning and I was all ready to get going… I typically run in a t-shirt and shorts, so I was wondering where to hide the ring. The problem about this day was that it was 70 degrees out. I decided to wear a rain jacket because it had pockets. Krissa was suspicious of the jacket but I played it off and said it was going to rain. We spent our first 5 minutes of the run reminiscing on the past. As we approached the spot where I was planning to propose, I saw a car go down the street and I thought it was going to park at the spot and ruin our moment, so I stopped running and faked an injury. Luckily the car turned around and when we got to the spot, I got to a knee and the rest is history.”

Krissa: “Bill covered up the engagement by distracting me with Christmas-related activities during the days leading up and he completely shocked me by proposing on Christmas Eve morning. We began our usual running route in Island Heights, which passes the most picturesque spots in town. As we ran, we talked about past holidays together, and how happy we were to have all of Christmas vacation together now that we were both teachers. We reached the spot where we normally stretch for a few moments, and he got down on one knee! I was completely surprised. I said yes and we ran back to the gazebo where our families were waiting. As fate would have it, it began pouring! It was very romantic!”
Couple in Island Heights NJ Island Heights NJ Groom dipping his bride Island Heights NJ Boardwalk engagement

One thing they love about each other:

Bill: “I love that I can be myself around Krissa. No matter what we are doing, we always find a way to have fun. She makes me feel complete. Another thing I love is that she is spontaneous and always up for an adventure.”

Krissa: “Bill is the most genuine, nice person I have ever met. He has such a positive outlook on life. He wakes up and finds the best in every day and I just love that about him. He also makes my coffee at 5 AM, before I’ve even stepped out of bed.”

Island Heights NJ Boy Scout Point Island Heights NJ Engagement on the bay Cuddling up with fiance

Besides getting married, what they’re most looking forward to on the wedding day:

“We both agree that we are looking forward to seeing all of our planning and different pieces of the wedding come together. We can’t wait to see the looks on our family and friends’ faces. We are also excited for the food! We know that people say that on your wedding day, you probably won’t eat a lot, but we won’t have that issue!”Island Heights NJ Photographer Couple holding hands Romantic black and white photo of engaged couple Engagement Photo Bride and groom in Island Heights NJ

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