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Hoboken Engagement Photos Hudson County NJ Photographer | Nichole and Bob


Hoboken Engagement Photos

The Details

Nichole and Bob are tying the knot this coming Sunday so I thought it would be so nice to re-live their engagement session here on the blog today! We met up last month in Hoboken for a morning shoot starting at 6:30am and I loved getting to know these two! They are planning a beautiful wedding at Indian Trail Club so I really enjoyed hearing all the details of the day – especially the details on the florals!! They have hired Laurelwood Designs to take care of the florals for the day and I cannot wait to see what they come up with! I have to say that hearing all the details of a wedding day always has a way of making me want to get married all over again (to the same person, of course! Ha!) and I already know that Nichole and Bob’s day is going to make all the ladies feel the same way, too!

For their engagement session, Nichole and Bob chose Hoboken, the town they currently call home. We started out at the parks on the piers and made our way to the Lackawanna Terminal before finishing up on Court Street. I’m so glad they opted for a morning session because the light was coming in from over the city and made it truly sparkle! Plus we avoided all the crowds and it felt like we had the place all to ourselves! Enjoy this peek into their Hoboken engagement photos and get excited for their wedding this Sunday! After a very rainy week, the weather is looking PERFECT for Sunday and we are so excited for these two!

Hoboken Engagement Photos

Hoboken engagementEngagement photos in Hoboken, NJ

How they met

Bob: “We were lucky enough to be brought together through Quakertown’s connection to Penn State University. Bob got the gumption to ask Nichole out in the winter of 2012 after falling for her at the 4th annual Butzapalooza (a weekend with friends in the Poconos). As we spent time with each other we learned we had similar tastes in music, movies, sports, humor, literature, food, Picassos, equal pay for equal work, fun in the sun, and proper grammar.”

Sunrise engagement session in Hoboken Sunrise Hoboken engagement photos Young couple living in Hoboken

Their first date

“We went to a comedy club in Midtown NYC followed by a fine dinner. Next we met up with 6-8 of Bob’s friends who happened to be enjoying themselves a stones throw away. Surprisingly we went back to Groomsman Eric’s Palatial pad in the East village for a nightcap, as we were walking Eric stepped into a bag of trash by mistake. He was badly cut and required amateur medical attention in the bathtub once we arrived at his home.”

Hoboken engagement photos North Jersey engagement session Natural light photos in Hoboken

“I just knew sometime during our third date. She was so beautiful, funny and easy going.”

Morning session in Hoboken, NJ Hoboken NJ engagement photos Romantic NJ engagement photos

“I asked Nichole to marry me on the dock of a lake that is very important to me. My aunt passed away circa 2014 and left us her lakehouse. It was here that I felt I wanted to ask Nichole for her hand.”

Fun-loving couple in engagement photos Picture of engaged couple in Hoboken Morning session in Hoboken Engagement session in Hoboken, NJ

“There’s so much to love about Nichole. She gives without want in return, makes me laugh, loves animals, is a fantastic cook, is nice to her family and mine, let’s me control the remote, has long luxurious dark hair, and is successful.”

Engagement photo at Pier C Park Hoboken promenade photo Waterfront engagement session in Hoboken Lackawanna Terminal engagement photo Train station engagement photos Engagement photos at a train station

Besides getting married, what they’re looking forward to on their wedding day

“Candid and personal conversations with beloved friends and family.”

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Hoboken Engagement Photos by NJ Wedding Photographers Idalia Photography.


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