Cape May Engagement Session

Cape May Engagement Session Naomey and George


Last month, I had the pleasure of meeting up with Naomey and George in Cape May. This charming area of our state is Naomey and now George’s happy place so it was the perfect fit for these two. We started out their session at Cape May Winery where we had full access to the entire vineyards and these two warmed up to the camera right away. Naomey laughs easily and George just can’t get enough of her radiant smile. They make the most adorable couple!

Once the winery closed, we headed to the beach to wrap up their session and by then, these two were pros at posing. I can’t wait to get them in front of my camera again next November for their wedding at The Palace at Somerset Park. They are officially less than a year away from their big day so I know time is going to fly by for these two. Here is a recap of their engagement session!

Makeup | CocodominiqueCouple posing for engagement photos at Cape May Winery and Vineyard Engaged couple taking engagement photos at Cape May Winery and Vineyard Photo session in early October at Cape May Winery and Vineyard

How they met

We met at a Lebanese church festival. I was talking to my cousin and George’s sister, Jessica walked over to see my cousins’s baby. Her and I began talking and she said, “Come hang out with my cousins.” A few minutes later, George walked over, him and I started talking and he got my number that night. The rest is history :)

Natural posing during engagement session at Cape May Winery and Vineyard Early fall engagement session in Cape May Engagement photo locations in Cape May, NJ

Their first date

Naomey: Our first date was at a Spanish restaurant in New Brunswick. George knew the owner of the restaurant and he kept checking in on us. All I can remember was him telling George not to mess this up and brought us this amazing dulce de leche cake to share. At the end of the night George walked me to my car and hugged me goodnight and got into his car across the street. I then turned to my car and there was this HUGE bug on my door handle. I stared at it for what seemed like forever thinking of what to do and George drove up and asked if I was ok. Needless to say he took care of the bug and became my hero that night.

George: Originally, we planned to get coffee for our first date. When we arrived at the coffee shop in New Brunswick, it was closed due to a private event. I then remembered that my family friend owned a restaurant/cafe nearby so I decided to take our date there. All I remember from our dinner was how effortless the conversation was. Everything seemed to be perfect. My friend came to our table with food and dessert “on the house” which made me look really good! After our date, I walked Naomey back to her car and gave her a hug goodnight. As I was about to pull away, I saw her still outside her car staring at her door. I drove up to see if she was ok and that is when she told me there was a bug on her car door handle. We both laughed and I made sure to pull over and remove the bug. We said goodnight again I remember smiling the rest of the way home.

Cute winery engagement photo ideas Pouring wine into Mr. and Mrs. glasses Mr. and Mrs. glasses with gold writing Engagement photos on a bright and sunny day in Cape May Couple laughing during engagement photos Romantic engagement session in Cape May

When they knew they had found the one

Naomey: I knew George was the one for me after our first date. I just remember having the best conversation with him, laughing all night and just really clicking. At one point, George pulled out his phone to tell his dad that he was out with me at the restaurant his friend owns. I said, Oh your parents know you are out with me? And he said of course they do! To me, that was the sweetest thing, it showed how much George cares for his family, which is really important to me. After our amazing night filled with great conversations, I left to drive home. I picked up my sister, Cigorney, on the way and she asked me how the date went and I told her, “I think he could be the one!”

George: I knew Naomey was the one after our first date. I remember how I felt when she walked up to me. She was smiling as she approached me and I already knew it was going to be a good night. Throughout our dinner, I remember how confident she was and how comfortable she made me feel. It felt like we’ve known each other forever. Finally, I remember calling my friend on my way home and him asking me, jokingly, if she is the one. I immediately answered “Honestly, I really think she is”.

Photos at Cape May Winery and Vineyard Happy couple laughing during engagement session groom-focused posing ideas during engagement session cute vineyard engagement photo ideas

The proposal, as told by Naomey

Naomey: I remember George telling me he was planning to propose June 2018 when I moved back home for my final year of pharmacy school since I was living in Philadelphia at the time. I was getting ready to head back to school soon and it was the last weekend of Summer 2017. George called me that morning before work and told me my dad wants to go over his house tonight to say goodbye to Melissa and I didn’t think twice. We also had my cousin’s birthday party in the afternoon so I knew it would be a long day. Fast forward and we finally left the party at 9pm, and in the car George told me that we should start looking at venues and I said, “We can’t look at venues until we are engaged people will think we are crazy!” At around 10:30 pm, I was sitting on the patio talking to Jessica and all his siblings slowly disappeared while our parents continued to talk. Jessica said to me,  “Let’s go look for them.” I walked into the house and George was in the living room getting down on one knee. I was completely in shock and I thought it was a joke. But no, as per usual, George always ends up surprising me.

cute couple in love bride-focused engagement photo romantic engagement photos in Cape May

The proposal, as told by George

George: Coordinating the proposal was definitely a challenge. My twin sister, Melissa works overseas and is only home certain months out of the year. Naomey had always told me that she imagined her and my entire family being present when it finally happens. I also had her convinced that we would have a one year engagement rather than two so she wasn’t prepared for me to propose until the following summer. My twin sister told me in May 2017 that she would be home for two weeks in August. I knew that would be the perfect time to coordinate the proposal since everyone would be present. When August came, I informed both her family and my family of the plan. At that point, the day I had originally planed for didn’t work for half of the family due to prior commitments. After a week and a half of coordinating schedules, the only time everyone was free was at 10pm on Saturday evening of August 19th, one day before my sister had to leave. At that point, I had everyone over my family’s house. I told Naomey that my parents invited her family over to say bye to my sister. Once everyone arrived, we all went outside to sit on our deck. At 10:40pm, I walked inside to my living room and texted my sister to bring Naomey to the room. My twin sister and Naomey’s older sister were already in there, cameras in hand. Once Naomey walked into the room, I got down on one knee and finally proposed. She was completely stunned!

classic posed engagement portraits elegant couple smiling big at their engagement session in Cape MayCape May Engagement Session at Cape May Winery and Vineyard

All about the ring

George always told me to send him pictures of what type of ring I wanted so I would be surprised when the day came. I wanted a very classic and elegant, round solitaire cut and George definitely nailed that. My favorite feature is how much it sparkles in the light, it is just perfect!

happy couple posing for their engagement photos in Cape May

One thing they love about each other

Naomey: George is honestly the most amazing and generous man I have ever met. He has the biggest heart and cares more for those around him than he does for himself. I love how George is a child at heart and kids just love him so much. I know he is going to make the best husband and a great father one day.

George: It’s impossible to share only one thing! Naomey is such a loving, caring, ambitious and radiant soul. She always puts others before herself and will always stand up for the ones she loves. It’s her resiliency, ambition and passion for life that gets me so excited to venture on this life journey with her. As long as she’s by my side, we will get through anything and everything.

Engagement session at Sunset Beach in Cape May Sunset Beach engagement photos Groom twirling bride during beach portraits Romantic fall beach photos in Cape May Romantic posing for engaged couple

Their wedding style and vision

If you’ve ever seen my Big Fat Greek Wedding, that is basically our life. We are having a big, fat, Lebanese wedding filled with dabke, a traditional Lebanese dance and a few more surprises. Our vision is a very elegant and timeless fall wedding with plenty of maroon tones since that is Naomey’s favorite color. We just want everyone to have a great time and party the night away with us!

Groom holding his bride in Cape MaySunset Beach engagement session in Cape May Cape May Sunset Beach engagement session Happily engaged couple at Sunset Beach Romantic photo of engaged couple at Cape May's Sunset Beach Posed and candid engagement photography in Cape May

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