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What to Bring to Your Newborn Session For Mothers


What to Bring to Your Newborn Session
How can such a little baby require so many things? Newborn photo shoots typically take place within the first two weeks after the baby is born when there is a lot going on. It’s easy to forget everything you may need for your session so today’s post will help prevent that! Feel free to download this checklist for an easy to read reminder of what to bring.

Important Items:

Diapers, more diapers and wipes

Accidents happen.  Always be prepared.  Come with a backup of multiple diapers. Multiple as in way more than you think you may need. (That goes for wipes, too!)

Clothing for the whole family

Please dress the baby in loose, comfortable clothing to avoid any imprints on their delicate skin.  It’s also advisable to not secure the diaper tightly for the same reason. Did I mention accidents? Bring a change of clothes for you, your spouse and your baby.  There are always moments of little accidents when parents are posing with their naked baby so an extra outfit will come in handy. Note, too, that the studio is set to a toasty 80 degree temperature to keep the baby nice and warm.  Plan to wear layers so you are comfortable.

Items to bring for your newborns session

Keeping baby calm and comfortable


Between posing, props and prodding, baby may become a bit fussy.  It is crucial to minimize this and maximize baby’s comfort.  That is why I always recommend and encourage a pacifier – even if it is the only time you use a pacifier. It will help make the shoot go more smoothly.


Pictures of hangry babies may be funny but are not the cute, cuddly and posed ones we are aiming for. Make sure your baby is well fed prior to coming to the studio.  Bring all of the necessary equipment for two feedings for a mini-session and 3-4 for a classic or full session. Sessions can take anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on the collection you book. If your baby is awake when you arrive to the studio I may ask you to feed him or her before beginning the session. A full belly helps a newborn stay sleepy for their shoot.

If you’re nursing you are good to go but also bring any supplementary bottles for feeding (especially if it is very early on after birth). I want everyone to be relaxed and well fed! No stressing in the studio over milk!  You can never have too much of a supply!

What to pack for your newborn photo shoot

Keeping parents and family calm and comfortable


Speaking of nourishment, I have a small snack bar with cereal bars and water.  Feel free to help yourself!  However, bring any special beverages or snacks that you or your family may want or need – especially you, mom!   


If big siblings are participating in the shoot be sure to have activities for them.  I have a seating area with a comfy couch and television but extra toys and books are always welcome!  Also, please remember that you may need entertaining, too. A book or charged phone can fill the minutes and hours while your baby and I are working to get the poses just right!

Props and Accessories

I love my vendors and carefully select my props, accessories and wraps.  I will select some based on your color scheme and preferences and will have plenty on hand to choose from. If you have a special family heirloom, prop or accessory you would like incorporated into your session, please let me know in advance so that I may plan for it during the shoot and we can discuss how you would like it included.

Making memories

Overall, I want your newborn session to be a relaxed, comfortable, and positive experience.  If you have any questions or concerns never hesitate to reach out. Newborns are only teeny tiny for a short time and a newborn session is the perfect way to create and capture these precious memories.


Downloadable Newborn Session Checklist

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Printable Newborn Session Checklist

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