NJ Shore Wedding Photos

NJ Shore Wedding Photos Spring Lake NJ Photographer | Lindsay and Andrew


NJ Shore Wedding Photos

The Details

I don’t even know where to begin with Lindsay and Andrew! I met Lindsay several years ago at the school where I used to teach and I always admired her cheerful disposition and easy-going nature. She’s the kind of woman who never seems to have a bad day and is always positive, no matter what life may bring her way. The day I found out Lindsay was engaged, I couldn’t wait to meet her fiance. I knew he had to be someone special! It has been a pleasure getting to know him through Lindsay’s storytelling as well as at their engagement session and wedding day, and it’s an honor to share this glimpse into their wedding today.  Lindsay and Andrew met at Leggett’s Sand Bar through mutual friends at the start of summer in 2012. They remained close throughout the summer and into fall, and Andrew was a support system for Lindsay while she was out of commission with a knee injury, and also through the devastation, reconstruction, and relocation from Super Storm Sandy. Their friendship evolved into a relationship with a solid foundation that all their family and friends have come to admire.

The Wedding Day

On the day of their wedding, Lindsay and Andrew spent the morning with their close friends and families and I knew right away that we were in for a fun day. Everyone was in such high spirits, and I loved knowing so many of the special people in Lindsay’s life – they made me feel so welcome and like such a big part of the day. We also got to work with Jeanne from Bogath Weddings and Events, which is always such a pleasure. Not only did she make sure everything went smoothly that day, but she also designed the florals, which were stunning. I loved that she saved me a little extra wax flower, dusty miller, and spray rose for my detail shots – they really added a special touch to all the pretty things that Lindsay had set aside for me to photograph. And of course they looked gorgeous in all the bouquets! But my favorite part of the day was when Andrew saw Lindsay walking down the aisle. He was unable to hold back his tears and it was one of the sweetest, most emotional groom reactions I’ve seen to date! All day long, I could tell that Andrew and Lindsay were just so incredibly happy to be married, and it was wonderful. I hope you enjoy this preview of their wedding day – our second to last wedding of the year!

Wedding Vendors

Venue | Doolan’s Shore Club
Church | Church of St. Denis
Wedding Planner | Bogath Weddings and Events
Videographer | Kaan Tulgar
Hair & Makeup | Salon Blush
Florist | Bogath Weddings and Events
Wedding Dress | Pronovias | Castle Couture
Bridesmaids’ Dresses | Impression | Hearts for You
Groom & Groomsmen’s Attire | Tuxedo Den
Cake Vendor | Chocolate Carousel
Band | Brian Kirk and the Jerks
Invitations | Holland Designs
Transportation | TopTown Limo
Photo Booth | Limelight Entertainment
Uplighting | Essential Sounds Entertainment

NJ Shore Wedding Photos

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