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Newborn PosesToday’s post is full of newborn sweetness! I guarantee you’re going to end up with baby fever after this one! For the first time ever, I’m sharing a peek into my newborn workflow and favorite newborn poses! I love to create simple, timeless, and genuine newborn portraits in a way that is natural and relaxed for my babies so I have very specific poses that I absolutely love to do. I prefer to stay away from complicated poses and composites that look unnatural so I love that parents who book me for their baby’s newborn photos appreciate my more natural approach. Planning for a newborn session is one of my favorite things to do before a session. This year, I started doing pre-session consultations with my parents-to-be and it has been so nice to talk about the goals of the session with parents and discuss the color palette they would like me to incorporate. I love to plan for these sessions and now that I have my little studio, I have full access to all my blankets and props and I’m able to easily customize each session. One question that parents often ask me is regarding which poses and how many set-ups I include during a newborn session. Since I customize each session and I offer different collections, the exact poses and number of set-ups is actually up to you (and the baby, of course!). This is something we’ll discuss during the pre-session consultation so that together we can create a set of images that will look beautiful in your home. To help you figure out which poses you’d like to incorporate in your session, I encourage you to take notes while you read this post so that you can let me know which poses are your favorites! And if it’s too hard to choose you can always leave it up to me!


This is my absolute favorite pose! Babies tend to LOVE this pose and they look so adorable like this! The Tushie-up shows off their little face and size perfectly and that foot that peeks out below their tushie? Isn’t it the cutest?! The tushie-up pose allows me to capture the baby in a natural way, and from different angles, too! Here’s little Luca in the tushie-up pose:
Tushie-up newborn pose

And here is sweet little Sophia in the tushie-up pose:Tushie-up newborn pose

Chin on Hands

This is my second favorite pose! I love this one because it really shows off the baby’s sweet face. Plus, since the baby has to be in a deep sleep for this one, they always look so peaceful in it!Chin on hands newborn pose


The side-lying pose has lots of variations. It can be done with the baby naked, fully wrapped, or wrapped with their hands and feet peeking out.

Side-lying newborn pose

Round Wrap

Love seeing the feet and hands in the round wrap pose!

Round wrap newborn pose

Tushie-up on Crate

If you love the Tushie-up pose, you’ll love it on one of my crates! Here are some of my favorites:

Tushie-up on crate newborn pose

Baby in Prop

When it comes to this pose, you have the option of having your baby in a variety of props. Once we pick the prop(s) you like, we can pose the baby in the prop naked, fully wrapped, or in a round wrap.Baby in prop newborn pose

Wrapped on Fur

For this pose, the baby can be fully wrapped or in a round wrap and I love them both. Wrapped on fur newborn pose

Wrapped on Fur with Siblings

This is my go-to siblings pose because it is both safe and sweet! Most siblings do great with it and parents love this angle.
Wrapped on Fur with Siblings Newborn Pose

Tushie-up on Crate with Siblings

This pose is perfect when siblings are younger and are unable to stay put for very long. Once I have the baby in the Tushie-up pose, it’s relatively easy to get a toddler to sit next to the crate or even give the baby a quick little kiss. Baby Emma’s sister, Kate, was only two years old but she rocked this pose:
Tushie-up on Crate with Siblings Newborn Pose

Of course, the Tushie-up on Crate works well with older siblings, too:Tushie-up on Crate with Siblings Newborn PoseTushie-up on Crate with Siblings Newborn Pose

Family Photos

A classic family shot is a must-have!  Standing or sitting, it’s a framer =)
Family Photos with Newborn

Parent Photos

Most parents opt to be included in the photos and we can do those with the baby naked or wrapped. If you prefer the baby to be naked in parent shots be sure to bring a change of clothes just in case!

Parent Photos with Newborn

Mother and Baby

How gorgeous are these mama and baby shots?! I love them all!
Mother and Newborn

Father and Baby

Last but certainly not least, father and baby shots always melt my heart!
Father and Newborn

And there you have it! I hope you enjoyed a peek into my newborn workflow and favorite poses. Be sure to let me know which poses you’d like to include in your newborn session so I can plan ahead. And if you enjoyed this post be sure to read this one next: What is Custom Newborn Photography?

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