Album Holiday Payment Plan | End of Year Album Sale


Album Holiday Payment Plan End of Year Album Sale


It’s hard to believe but we’re nearing the end of the year already and, with that, the holidays are quickly approaching. Every year around this time I offer an album Holiday Payment Plan and, friends, it’s THAT time.

Even though we include digital images with all of our wedding collections, the #1 product that I hope each client will choose to include in their collection is a custom-designed album. An album tells the story of your day in a way that no other product can and it lives on to tell that story to your children and grandchildren. When my own parents got married, they had just immigrated to the United States and couldn’t afford a formal wedding, much less a wedding album, and my mother always regretted not having an album as the most important family heirloom my brother and I could have. My goal as a wedding photographer is not only to capture the memories of the wedding day for my clients but also to create a tangible heirloom that they will be able to look back on for years to come. 

Now, I get it. Albums are expensive.

But albums do not just store photos, they store memories. Not only that … albums tell stories. Pictures are meant to be used, held and enjoyed. Albums are the perfect way in which to create a communal experience with your treasured photos. Albums will continue to be great storytellers long after the Facebook “likes” disappear and the USBs get forgotten.

A custom wedding album is a forever family heirloom that tells the story of one of the most important days in a couple’s life like no other product can. AND … it can live on to be shared and enjoyed across generations to come! That is an experience (not just a product) that is truly PRICELESS and worthy of an investment that will last a lifetime!

Every September I offer a Holiday Payment Plan for wedding albums and I’m taking orders starting today. If you’re one of my past couples who doesn’t have a wedding album yet, or would like to gift a parent album for the holidays, you’re in luck. If you were married earlier this year… or maybe a year or two… or three or four ago and you still don’t have an album, now is the time to get moving on ordering your album so that you can have it in time for the holiday season!

Each one of our albums is custom designed and printed on the finest quality photographic paper and bound with fine leathers, linens and silks that are soft to the touch yet durable. Lay-flat pages allow the story of your wedding day to shine through while helping the album stand the test of time. 

Here’s how it’ll work:

  1. ASAP: Let me know you’d like to order a wedding album by filling out this form. Due to time constraints, I am only able to design 10 albums so I will be closing this sale once I have 10 orders.
  2. By 9/25: Pay your 1st installment: $300 of the cost of your album to get started. You’ll then receive the first draft of your album design within one week of placing your order!
  3. By 10/25: Make 1-2 revisions of your album draft and pay your 2nd installment: 50% of the remaining balance.
  4. By 11/25: Finalize your album design and pay your remaining balance.
  5. By 12/25: Pour yourselves a glass of wine to enjoy looking through your first family heirloom.

I can’t wait to get these beauties into your hands! Past clients, click here to find out more information and get the production process started on your own custom designed album!


Introducing new album options by Idalia Photography

Introducing new album options by Idalia Photography

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