Today is a big day, friends! I’m so excited to share that registration is open for the next Blogging for Creative Entrepreneurs Workshop! I got such amazing feedback from my April workshop attendees that I couldn’t wait to organize and launch the next one! I’ve been working hard these last few months at reflecting on […]

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Exactly seven years ago today, I decided that I wanted to share my photography work somewhere, but I didn’t quite know where or how. I did a few online searches and stumbled upon Blogger. They offered free blogs and were super easy to set up. Within minutes, I made an account and created this post. I didn’t quite […]

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I’m so excited to share a recap of last weekend’s Blogging for Creative Entrepreneurs Workshop (#BFCEworkshop)! This workshop was nothing but a dream for a long time and I kept delaying it for any reason that came my way. Last fall, I finally decided that I’d make it happen this past winter, but then my […]

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Ahhh my workshop just sold out, you guys! I can hardly believe it but all the spots are filled for this Sunday! Honestly, after my dad’s unexpected health issues this winter I didn’t think I’d be able to put this workshop together in time before our busy wedding season really took off but thanks to […]

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It’s no secret that this blog has played a vital role in how we market our work and over the last year, I’ve been working with a lot of photographers to help them build a blog that will attract their ideal client. It was back in 2013 when I discovered how important blogging is to driving traffic […]

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So… it’s mid-February already. Yeah. Just like that, we are six weeks into the new year. It has been six weeks since you set some amazing goals for yourself and your business. Six weeks since you vowed to blog consistently this year. Not to be a Debbie Downer but… how is your blogging going? Are you finally publishing […]

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Branding is quite a popular word among photographers, isn’t it? Having a solid brand is a top priority, and developing your brand so that it permeates all facets of your business is key to standing out in a consistent, professional, and memorable way. There are many components of a brand, but today I’m going to […]

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When I sat down to write down my blogging goals for this year, I committed to creating more educational content for photographers this year. I thought it would be fun to pick a topic for each month and cover a dozen different topics throughout the year. Well, I have to say that after launching the […]

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Over the last couple of weeks I’ve talked about how to blog consistently and how to vary your blog content. But once you have your content ready to go, how do you create a blogging schedule? And how in the world do you stick to it all year? Keep reading for some useful tips! Tips for […]

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I’m so excited that my blog post on How to Blog Consistently This Year resonated with so many of you last week. I truly believe that creating a successful blog is essential to growing your business and I’m thrilled that so many photographers are preparing to blog consistently this year by joining my Blogging Jumpstart Challenge. Today I thought […]

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January is a big month for making changes and setting goals, isn’t it? We look back at the previous year, evaluate what worked and what didn’t work, and find ways to improve and grow many areas of our lives and businesses. This time of year reminds me of this quote: “Cheers to a new year and […]

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Last month we had our very first Central Jersey Tuesdays Together meetup and it was so much fun! We met at Cafe 360 in Freehold and had some yummy biscotti, coffee, and gelato while getting to know each other and diving into a group discussion. Since it was Philanthropy month, group members brought donations for Freehold […]

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